About Us

Remote work is awesome but finding the right job can take weeks of going through different sites and filtering for the skillset that best matches you. When I was looking for remote ruby jobs to do, be it with Rails or Sinatra I felt that there should be a ruby focused website as there are many others focused on different skills. This is why we created RubyOnRemote.

We manually review all job postings to ensure we have only jobs for ruby developers and we also try to add jobs available publicly across the web which we consider high quality.

As of February 25th 2022 we are 800+ subscribers strong and 150+ followers on Twitter and growing. It would be huge if you could help spread the word about us and help us build this community together. Over time, we will introduce more features that will make the remote job hunting process for ruby developers a lot simpler.

If you have any doubts or enquires please reach out to support {^at} rubyonremote {^dot} com.