About Us

Back in 2018, I found myself searching for my first remote job as a Ruby developer. The journey was quite challenging, as I had to navigate multiple job boards and scour the career pages of various companies, all in the hopes of finding positions that would allow me to write Ruby code.

The experience was frustrating and time-consuming, but it sparked an idea: What if there was a platform specifically tailored to Ruby developers seeking remote opportunities? This concept became the foundation of RubyOnRemote.

At RubyOnRemote, we're committed to helping Ruby developers like myself find their ideal remote positions. I personally review each job posting, ensuring that only opportunities for Ruby developers are featured. Moreover, we actively search the web for high-quality, publicly accessible job listings to provide the best possible selection.

As of April 24th, 2024, our growing community consists of over 2100+ newsletter subscribers, 3000+ followers across our social media accounts on Twitter, Linkedin and Reddit followers and over 45K+ monthly views. We'd greatly appreciate your support in spreading the word about RubyOnRemote and joining us in building this community together. Our mission is to simplify the remote job search process for Ruby and Rails developers.

If you have any doubts or enquires please reach out to support {^at} rubyonremote {^dot} com or DM me on Twitter.

"We found all our recent engineering hires through rubyonremote.com. Far and away the best place to find qualified Rails developers of all experience levels. We never bother to advertise open positions anywhere else anymore."

Thilo Rusche
Thilo Rusche CTO at SportsKey

"RubyOnRemote is a great community full of talented, experienced Ruby developers as well as remote companies who are looking to hire globally. We've seen a great increase in qualified applicants through RubyOnRemote, which has led to some successful hires. It's very easy to post and quite easy to navigate, so we will definitely keep posting our job openings on RubyOnRemote!"

Soo Park
Soo Park Sr Tech Recruiter at ChartMogul

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