Ruby on Rails developer

Remote - Anywhere
Our expectations
  • Knowledge, experience in commercial and team development in Ruby / RoR
  • Launched public commercial projects in portfolio
  • Knowledge and experience of using databases (not only through ORM)
  • Can't imagine life without git
  • Can't imagine life without tests
  • Be an engineer for life, have a wide technical erudition
  • Ability to make independent decisions while remaining a team player

It will be a significant bonus if:
  • You have broad technical expertise beyond Ruby / Rails
  • Write and speak English
  • Have a keen interest in functional programming and artificial intelligence and are ready to use both in production
  • Have an irrepressible passion for self-study

  1. Full-time - We honor both the Labor Code and the work itself, so we expect from you the standard forty hours of work per week.
  2. Stable salary - Any work must be paid. We pay for your work in full and on time.
  3. Remotely or in the office - Work from home or from a sun-drenched beach. It doesn't matter to us where you are, as long as you work responsibly and deliver results.
  4. Soft office schedule - We do not require you to get up with the first cocks if you do not want to. It is only important for us that during the working day you spend enough time in communication. Your schedule should be comfortable for everyone on the team.
  5. Command - We are young, friendly and professional. We don't hire people who won't work well with the team, even if they're brilliant and super talented. We provide the comfort of collaboration for all our employees.
  6. Professional growth - We offer simple and straightforward professional growth opportunities. We set a vector for development, identifying what is important for a developer to know in order to become a better professional. We provide transparent ways to help you understand where you are in development. We offer separate options for those with team leader ambitions.
  7. Excellent workflows - We work tirelessly to implement comfortable and efficient processes and practices in the company. We are gitflow and agile.