Senior Software Engineer

Standard Notes

Remote - Anywhere
Standard Notes builds an end-to-end encrypted note-taking application for digitalists and professionals. We solve challenging problems at the intersection of privacy, security, and productivity, and are looking for talented individuals with a like-minded passion towards our mission.

We're looking for an experienced Senior Software Engineer.  Must be within 7 hours of CST and no greater.

What the ideal candidate looks like:
  • Designs systems and architectures, and isn't intimated by difficult or complex problems.
  • Can learn complex topics in short periods of time. For example, while we make no use of machine learning at all, should our company have a need for such a technology in the future, the ideal candidate should be able to quickly learn the basic principles of ML and put together a functioning implementation based on aggressive self-education.
  • Knows just enough about almost every stack, but is an in-depth expert in a few particular stacks. To us, it’s not important that our stack and your stack be exactly identical. It’s about the process of how you learn, versus what you may happen to already know.
  • Is a good writer. You must show that you’re able to write not just clean code, but can write user-friendly documentation that simplifies complex topics. A good writer is also able to effectively communicate their plans and blueprints, ideas and strategies, and issues and concerns, using a to-the-point, non-indulgent style of writing that can be a model for other team members.

You should know about, or be willing to learn, the principles of:

Concepts:  Asymmetric and symmetric encryption, public/private key encryption, password stretching, key derivation functions, operational transformation, server/client/browser security best practices, embeddable interpreters/engines (JavaScript).

Technologies:  TypeScript/JavaScript, React Native, React, AngularJS, Electron, WebCrypto, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, AWS, EC2, MySQL, Linux servers, Nginx, Xcode, Android Studio, and of course, HTML/CSS.

Who we are

Standard Notes was founded in 2016 amidst turbulent times for software companies, both on the front of sustainability, and privacy. We're a different kind of company founded on two basic principles:
  1. User data is a liability, not an asset.
  2. Software longevity and stability is of paramount significance, and can be achieved only through the alignment of user and company interests and principles.
We build an end-to-end encrypted note-taking application beloved and used by many, and available on every major platform. We've built this through a sustainable business model powered directly by user subscriptions to our service.


24 hour workweek

Not 40 hours a week. Not 30. Our full-time pay structure is designed around a 24 hour workweek. When or how you work is up to you, allowing you to design your own schedule.

Competitive Salary

You receive a base salary for a 24-hour workweek, and are paid an hourly rate for any time above 24 hours you work in a week. The salaried equivalent is $76,800 for senior level engineers, and $92,160 for lead level engineers.

Other Benefits
  • Flexible PTO (Equates to approximately 6.5 weeks PTO on us, with the option to take more time off if needed)
  • Digital services reimbursement (Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Dropbox, etc)
  • Once per week reimbursed lunch delivery (Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc)
  • Co-working space reimbursement 
  • Continuing Education & Personal Development reimbursement (courses and conferences) 

How to Apply

If this sounds like a role you can see yourself in, and you're eager to work with us on the future of privacy and encryption, send an email to by clicking below with a small intro, resume, and any relevant online links.
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