Senior Full Stack Engineer


Remote - Anywhere
Overgrad is making its first engineering hires to help shape the future of our product and engineering team. We have a well developed Rails 4 app and want people to help us lean into a new architecture with React & GraphQL. As one of the first engineers, you’ll have an input on all parts of the codebase and features that we build. You’ll work alongside our CTO to plan, prioritize, and develop new features, design a new architecture, and help manage our offshore team. Your contributions will be instrumental to the success of Overgrad and will impact hundreds of thousands of students across the United States.
Key problems you will help us solve
  • Transitioning our Rails monolith to a new architecture using GraphQL and React
  • Designing and writing well-structured, easily maintainable, well-tested code while building a very configurable user experience
  • Delivering on our product roadmap KPI
You will do this by
New Feature Development (70%)
  • Contributing daily to all parts of our code base.
  • Thoroughly evaluating edge cases, ambiguities, and architectural scalability.
  • Working with our customer success team and product manager to understand customer pain points and product expectations.

Optimizing Existing Code Base (15%)
  • Supporting and maintaining existing systems through bug fixes, library upgrades, etc.
  • Identifying areas in need of optimization and implementing improvements.
  • Improving our test coverage.

Other (15%)
  • Reviewing, merging, and deploying code.
  • Assisting in technical support issues.
  • Investigating and fixing bugs.
  • Participating in roadmap prioritization conversations.
  • Playing an active role in shaping our engineering and company culture.
About You
The following are just examples of the type of person we think would thrive in this role. You certainly do not need to see yourself in all of these examples to be a great fit for this job.
You care about the human impact of your code
  • The features you build and the code you write will impact hundreds of thousands of students. Hopefully that excites you!
  • You think that technical challenges are more fun when they also solve human challenges.

You like to build
  • You think it is engaging to build new things. Sure, your role will require some rewrites and optimization, but the bulk of what you will do is building new features that amaze our customers, and you like that.
  • You are comfortable working in the full stack but know when to call in support if your expertise is lacking.

You like to allow the end users' voices to inform your work
  • You believe that in order to solve problems, you need to hear from the user. This doesn't mean you are on the phone daily with customers, but you welcome chances to connect with them.
  • You enjoy working with other Overgrad employees to brainstorm product solutions to problems they are hearing from our customers.

You believe deeply in equity of access to postsecondary pathways
  • You believe in equity, not equality. We work with many students from disadvantaged communities and you believe they deserve more than their wealthier peers, not the same.
  • You believe putting students first in our design leads to the most impactful results.

You embrace ambiguity while handling uncertainty
  • You are comfortable working with loose guidelines and are able to curate your own path towards outcomes.
  • You know that systems change is hard and complex...and you love it.
  • Very proficient with Ruby on Rails and React
  • Can design and build GraphQL APIs
  • Experience with or desire to learn Elasticsearch
  • Can break down complex domain logic into undertstandable models
  • Passion for creating great user experiences
  • Strong ability to read and understand code you didn’t write
  • Strong communication skills, ability to express technical concepts in verbal and written form
  • Ability to own what you are building and see it through from end to end with minimal guidance
Our Team
You will be joining a small but growing team as one of the first 5 hires at Overgrad. We are united around our mission to ensure that all students have a clear and supported path to future opportunities.

Pay and Benefits
We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package which includes medical, dental, and vision. You can read more about our culture and benefits by checking out our handbook.

How to Apply

Please submit a resume and your answers to the following questions by clicking below. You may want to plan your answers in advance. Though not required, you may also include a cover letter. In your cover letter, please explain how you heard about Overgrad and your interest and qualifications for the position.
  1. Why do you want to work at Overgrad?
  2. What do you find gives you the most energy on a daily basis in your current role? What do you find drains the most energy?
  3. What characteristics about you gives you the confidence to thrive on a small team tackling a big problem?
Overgrad is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, disability, age, marital status, military status, pregnancy, or parenthood.
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