Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Gig Wage is building the bank of the gig economy. 
Gig workers make our lives easier, so we’re on a mission to make their lives better. We believe in economic empowerment for all and we know that begins with getting people paid. And yet, the basic financial services required to pay people quickly in their preferred method is still out of reach for most. We want to give people access to their money and therefore access to financial security. We’re doing this by building the bank of the gig economy and making it accessible to all.  
Who We're Looking For
At Gig Wage we’re looking for a senior back end developer to join our very agile development team. We have a suite of payments and banking web and API products that continue to grow in every direction and are in need of experienced guidance and contributions. You will help define and improve the development process; the shape and direction of the products; and the tactics and strategies for scaling the products. If you have a strong conviction about a particular tool, process, methodology or philosophy, we want to hear about it.
What You'll Do
  • Work closely with product leadership and front end development to help develop, and fully understand, product requirements
  • Collaborate on architectural decisions with an eye toward future flexibility
  • Expand and improve the API, thoughtfully so as to minimize versioning turmoil
  • Design and implement database schema changes, with appropriately nuanced attitudes about normalization
  • Monitor and optimize (but not prematurely!) application performance
  • Maintain, improve and expand the test suite
  • Review other developers’ code
  • Ensure back end code and infrastructure are extensible, scalable and reliable
What You’ll Need
  • 7+ years professional experience as a back end or full stack developer
  • Demonstrable specialization in Rails
  • Exemplary code, and an understanding of what that means and why it matters
  • Sane development philosophy
  • Ability to work with Ruby outside Rails
  • Substantial experience working with APIs (building, integrating with)
  • Strong judgment in selection of library dependencies
Bonus Points
  • Fintech experience
  • Accounting experience, e.g. building a ledger
  • Some front end foo for lightweight UI work
Our Passion

Gig Wage builds comprehensive technology products that take into consideration how money moves through the entire gig ecosystem, not just how it gets to workers. Gig Wage’s technology is shaping the modern financial infrastructure for the future of work by tackling the complex challenge of handling contractor payroll, payments, and compliance.
Gig Wage considers accounts receivable, banking, accounts payable, consumer spending and, above all, the people that the money impacts. Our unique technology enables employers to instantly pay 1099 workers with more control, flexibility and scale, while simultaneously offering independent contractors a convenient and efficient way to receive payments. We do this in all 50 states.
Our People 
We know that people have passions, problems, pains, and potential so we approach every situation with empathy. We authentically care. Gig Wagers are focused, ambitious, and excited about inspiring others to do more and go further. We embrace complex problems and love simple solutions. People trust us with their money and we are relentlessly committed to exceeding their expectations. 
At Gig Wage, we lead with empathy and move with commitment -- that includes our employees.  Our commitment to diversity in age, race, abilities, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender identity, and points of view, creates a better workplace for our people and a better product for our customers. We view diversity as an innovation multiplier. We're building a culture where we'd want to work, where equity and inclusion provides everyone a space to belong and be themselves.  Read more on our commitment to DEI from our CEO
Our Perks
We empower our people to do their best work and trust them to deliver. We want all of our people to have what they need to be healthy and happy. That means our team can work remotely or in the office. We also offer unlimited PTO (that we actually want you to use), and we’re proud to provide top of the line medical, vision, dental, and telemedicine on top of a growing range of financial health services for you and your family. We know your best work happens in your best health and we take this very seriously.