Full Stack Developer

This position is 100% remote.

Our stack

What will you be working with?

  • Monolithic Ruby on Rails application (Heroku case study).
  • ReactJS and Rails views
  • Vanilla JS and jQuery for its embeddable scripts.
  • PostgreSQL database (Azure case study).
  • Sidekiq+Redis for processing background jobs.
  • CloudFlare for DNS, CDN, network security and serverless workers.

The role

So what will you do as a full stack developer at ConvertFlow?

  • Develop, test and deploy new features for the ConvertFlow platform.
  • Refactor & organize code, create documentation, write automated tests and build workflows for scaling product development.
  • Work directly with product leadership to prioritize and plan projects for ConvertFlow's ever-evolving product roadmap.
  • Counsel and pair with your developer peers to level up the team.
  • Identify and fix ConvertFlow bugs in the app, as well as ConvertFlow bugs on customers' websites.
  • Provide technical expertise to team members, partners, as well as customers integrating ConvertFlow into their company’s technical stack.
  • Develop with scalability and reliability in mind.
  • Monitor keys systems and application infrastructure, to resolve incidents that arise.
  • Update and maintain dependencies.

We get excited by folks who:

  • Have 3+ years as a developer building web applications.
  • Are motivated by building B2B SaaS products.
  • Are excited to own development of the new feature projects that you tackle for ConvertFlow.
  • Have a proven track record with developing both the front-end and back-end of web applications.
  • Have strong experience with front-end development using ReactJS, vanilla JS, jQuery and HTML/CSS.
  • Have strong experience with back-end development, having worked with Ruby and NodeJS.
  • Have strong experience with developing mid-sized applications, on frameworks like Ruby on Rails.
  • Have worked at startups and are disciplined at prioritizing, above all else, efficient work that delivers value to customers and drives business outcomes.
  • Write clean, well-tested code and value documenting your work for others.
  • Have experience collaborating with product leads, designers, and customer success.
  • Are proficient at working remotely, which means you have strong written communication skills, are self-directed, and have experience managing your own schedule.
  • Have a desire to meet with and contribute feedback to a startup team on a regular basis, both over Zoom and occasionally in person.
  • Have a general understanding of how online marketing works at small businesses. This means you're familiar with the types of tools in a marketing team's stack (Shopify, MailChimp, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Zapier, etc.), as well as the outcomes marketers are trying to achieve with their websites (improved conversion rates / onboarding, email/SMS list building, driving checkouts, split-testing experiments, recommending products etc).
  • Have a daily work schedule that overlaps with Eastern time business hours (minimum of 4 hours).
Bonus points for the following you...

  • Are already an active ConvertFlow user.
  • Have worked at a marketing technology company.
  • Are interested in the opportunity to manage a team.
  • Are based in North America.
  • Are based in the South Florida area.

  • Salary in the range of $100k-$150k depending on experience.
  • Work from anywhere, as long as you have daily overlap of at least 4 hours with our Eastern Standard Time business hours (9AM–5PM EST).
  • Work with a small, flexible team that’s ambitious and punches above its weight.
  • Healthcare, dental and vision.
  • Flexible vacation policy.
  • Flexible work schedule.
  • Culture of learning and development with a training allowance.
  • $300/m co-working stipend.
  • Remote work gear (perks for home office, new Macbook, etc).