Senior Software Engineer - Backend (Remote)

Published on March 21, 2023

Why We Exist: Over 65 million Americans have treatable mental health issue — that’s 1 in 5 people, an epidemic of massive proportions. There’s a good chance someone close to you could have used the help, even if it wasn’t obvious to the people around them. Path’s mission is to make mental health care work for everyone. A big reason people don’t see a therapist is the cost and burden of finding the right provider. Layered on top, more than half of therapists don’t take insurance and a single session can cost hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket for a patient. To remove this burden, Path partners with major insurance carriers nationwide making it easy for people to access affordable care. With Path, it’s easy for people to find a licensed in-network therapist accepting new clients and an expert in caring for their unique needs. Path’s network of thousands of therapists includes individuals from diverse backgrounds and a wide range of specialties. Every Path therapist is fully-licensed and has undergone a thorough background check and clinical review, to ensure patients receive the highest standard of care. We’ve heard from many therapists that they got into the field to help people — not to spend their time managing a therapy business. Path’s “practice in a box” takes care of the admin work (billing credentialing, marketing, verifying benefits, etc.) so that providers can focus their time and energy on spending time with patients. We also set therapists up with an electronic health record system to run their practice and quickly match them with patients, allowing new patients to show up on their calendars with zero work required. We're excited to bring people onto the team who are committed to raising the bar on mental health care.

Who we are
Path is a healthtech company dedicated to making mental health care work for everyone. Path takes a patient-first approach, where treatment is more accessible, personalized, and effective. With Path, it’s easy to find a high-quality therapist or psychiatrist who accepts insurance and is actively accepting new patients. 
What we’re solving
Over 65 million Americans have a treatable mental health issue — that’s 1 in 5 people. Today it’s difficult to find a provider, and for those with complicated conditions, it’s nearly impossible to find coordinated care. We’re here to fix this. 
Our Mission
Path's mission is to make mental healthcare work for everyone. 
About The Role:
As a member of Path’s Engineering team, you’ll be able to focus on doing your best work and create a real impact with a team of like-minded people who waste minimal time on unnecessary overhead. While we’re looking for software engineers of all levels of seniority, we’re excited by candidates who enjoy and are capable of working on a small team with a fast-growing product. We’re looking for generalists who can work across the stack and those who gravitate towards frontend, backend, or infrastructure engineering. We recognize people are passionate about different areas and you'll have the option to be involved in as much (or as little) as you’d like. 
Today we build products for 2 primary customers; patients and therapists: 
On the patient side, we’re focused on a fast and delightful enrollment where patients can find a therapist that’s right for them and who takes their insurance in less than 10 minutes. 
On the therapist side, we’re building a full set of practice management software including patient recruiting, scheduling, patient notes, referrals, and more. Our therapists spend all day in Path and their experience needs to be fantastic. 
This is a really unique opportunity to help build on the foundational engineering infrastructure at a company where the business is already humming and we have thousands of users every day. If this sounds exciting and energizing, we’d love to talk!
Technical Stack
Path's systems are written in Ruby on Rails, with React frontends. We use Postgres for our databases and everything is hosted on AWS. We also make heavy use of existing tools like Salesforce, Airtable, Typeform, etc. This has enabled us to scale very quickly with a small team but we’re now ready to bring much of this work in-house. We’re standing up the technical foundation that will power the future of the company. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience with the specific technologies in our stack, we’d still love to connect with you!  
What You'll Do:
As an engineer at Path, you’ll have endless opportunities to help build, shape, and lay the tracks for future technical infrastructure, and provide input on product, design, and cultural decisions, if that interests you.  
In this role, you will:
  • Spend most of your time writing code. We are a small team with minimal overhead and you’ll spend the vast majority of your day actually writing code. 
  • Build, test, and deploy software in a continuous manner (we deploy throughout the week, if not every day)
  • Work across the company to shape the future of the engineering organization. We are getting started and if there’s a topic you’re passionate about like recruiting, deployment, infrastructure, tools, etc., we’re excited for you to contribute. 
  • Actively shape the product direction by participating in product reviews, design reviews, and customer research. 
  • Create and contribute to technical specs and testing/rollout plans.
  • Work with external and internal stakeholders to ensure we’re solving the right problems.
  • Mentor and sponsor your teammates to help them grow. 
What We’re Looking For:
Even if you don’t have experience with the specific technologies in our stack, we’d love to talk to you! An ideal candidate would be someone with the following traits:
  • 4+ years of software engineering experience
  • Experience developing containerized, 12-factor applications
  • Experience developing applications which use an event-based model, queuing and/or publish/subscribe
  • Experience developing SaaS applications using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform
  • Experience with Microservices development using either NodeJS and TypeScript, or GoLang, or Java
  • Experience developing with distributed systems development, using an event-based paradigm, queuing or publish-subscribe
  • Experience with Ruby and/or Python
  • Experience developing applications using Postgresql or equivalent
  • Empathy and collaboration skills; the systems we envision will require a great deal of healthy cross-team and cross-functional relationships in order to be realized
  • Ability to lead technically with strong opinions, but a fundamental reliance on first-principles and willingness to adjust quickly to new information
  • Ability to drive all phases of the development lifecycle: planning, specing, execution, and measuring success
  • Ability to balance urgency and care, as well as make effective tradeoffs that balance business priorities, user experience, and technical foundation
Also Helpful:
  • Experience with Apache Kafka
  • Experience developing offerings (especially cloud-based offerings) in the healthcare sector
  • Experience with FHIR
  • Experience with SMART
  • Experience with OAuth2/OpenID Connect
Our Team
The people of Path are what truly define our mission and determine our impact on the world. We believe in building not only a team, but a diverse community that thrives by helping each other succeed and grow and inspiring each other by taking on big challenges.
For employees, Path is a 100% remote healthtech company and we’re HIRING! We're excited to bring people onto the team who are committed to raising the bar on mental health care. 
As Part Of Our Team, Full-Time Employees Receive
  • The ability to work from any location within the US
  • Competitive pay and benefits that do not change based on location
  • 2 company-wide shutdown weeks each year to focus on self-care 
  • Paid parental leave to support you and your family
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance through our employer plan
  • Access to our 401K 
  • Access to an Employer Assistance Plan (EAP) through our insurance plan 
  • The equipment you need to ensure your home office sets you up for success