Ruby on Rails Developer


Remote - Anywhere
We built Hunter to match our needs and aspirations (hopefully, you'll share them too!). We’re entirely self-funded and profitable, intending to build a healthy long-term business. We have the liberty to exclusively focus on providing the most value possible to our users.

Maintaining a tight-knit group is essential to us as it creates stronger bonds, increases productivity, and eases communication. We're currently a team of 10 people working from 8 countries in Europe, America and Asia. Twice a year, you'll get to meet everyone in person during our company retreats (always in a different place in Europe!). Learn more about the team here:

We are looking for a Ruby on Rails developer, or someone with experience with MVC frameworks looking to switch to Ruby on Rails. The role is remote anywhere in Europe.

You’ll be working on Hunter’s web application on a large set of services, which includes search tools, a leads management system, an emailing platform, a web API, and more (everything that is on

You’ll have a crucial role in ensuring our infrastructure is set up to give our users the best possible experience. Depending on your skillset and interests, this will include Kubernetes, CI, Postgresql, Elasticsearch, and Redis.

The position requires solid development experience with MVC frameworks (but not necessarily RoR). Web design skills can be useful but are not required. Experience with cloud platforms (we are using GCP), Docker, and SQL databases are a plus.

If you’re curious to learn more about the hiring process, we wrote a blog post about it. Our About page also contains some useful information.