Technical Lead

Published on September 16, 2023

Half Helix is a digital agency that is building, growing, and guiding the next generation of ecommerce companies.

Company Background
With hubs in New York City and Toronto, Half Helix is a digital agency that specializes in solving e-commerce problems for our clients. We are a developer-founded company with a strong engineering focus, marrying our engineering chops with exceptional design and production teams. We are a company that welcomes remote-first collaboration and as such, are looking for a strong Technical Lead to join our team. We are open to this position being anywhere in the world so long as working EST or PST hours are OK.
As a Technical Lead, you'll be architecting solutions for a wide array of problems. We pride ourselves as being brave creative thinkers who are able to think outside the box to meet the needs of any business selling anything over the internet. We are not of a one-size-fits-all mindset, we learn about our clients and create solutions that meet their specific needs. This year we have launched builds for Laura Mercier, Bare Minerals, Paravel, Floyd Home, Fellow, Shopify, ... just to name a few!
So if you're interested in creating a Jamstack frontend using Next, Tailwind, Sanity and Netlify Functions, or extending our modular approach to Shopify theme development and collaborating on our open source build and development tools, or creating unique online experiences using cutting edge platforms like Sanity, Storyblok, Remix, Web Components, Vercel & Netlify please get in touch!
So, what will you be doing?
Ultimately, as part of our Technical Lead team you'll be responsible for the technical solutions we design and create for our clients. This responsibility is broken down into activities like the following:
  • Understand client objectives, guiding intake activities like stakeholder interviews, discoveries and requirements gathering
  • Develop prototypes, proof of concepts, and technical comparison documents as we consider solutions
  • Guide teams of developers as we turn ideas and requirements into digital products
  • Build and maintain trust with clients through excellent communication in an agile environment
  • Promote and extend our best practices and internal tooling and documentation
  • Identify risks, oversights and needs early
  • Manage a number of concurrent projects
What skills would we like you to have already?
This is a senior level position that requires 5+ years of relevant experience. We are not dogmatic as to where this experience lies since we have members of the team that come from product companies like Shopify, and others who come from a long lineage of agency experience. Both backend and frontend skillsets are valued since we do cater to both frontend and backend challenges.
See below for some pointers on what we are looking for:
  • Senior level backend or frontend technical skillsets.
  • 5+ years of web-based software architecture experience. Think rolling out an MVC application, integrating with third-party APIs (+ handling rate limits), building out performant Jamstack frontends, creating Shopify themes from the ground up, contributing to open source packages, creating custom API interfaces
  • Knowledge of modern frameworks and coding paradigms. On the frontend, we typically work with React, Nextjs, Remix and Vue.js. On the backend, we typically work with Node and Ruby On Rails
  • Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Level-headed and positive attitude under pressure
  • A team-first mentality - Speak up when you need help and help those in need
  • Detail orientated mindset - Dive deep into the problems you are solving
What are some of the perks?
The work is fun, engaging and you'll be part of a very strong team. In addition, Half Helix provides:
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Annual offsite in a great location (e.g. Mexico City or Puerto Escondido)
  • Summer Fridays
  • Unlimited vacations (just make sure that your projects are in good shape)
  • Education stipend
  • New Apple gear (e.g. Macbook Pro)
  • A remote-first culture