Senior Ruby On Rails Developer

Published on October 12, 2023

We are a software development studio focusing on seamless communication and process transparency.We are a group of people that think digital and take daily showers of light on sunny Portugal.We started in Coimbra but we have clients all around the world. At RedLight we help companies create successful software products in a collaborative relationship.Our process relies heavily on a constant stream of communication between our team and our clients, keeping clear expectations at all times.

We’re looking for a Senior Ruby on Rails developer to help us build and deliver a big project for a high-profile international client. You must have great Rails and Ruby knowledge, and experience using common gems like devise, rspec, or pundit as well as team leading experience. We value people who can architect and implement solutions without overcomplicating things (but who can also recognize when a more complex solution is warranted) and who like well-tested, readable code.

You’ll also need to feel comfortable integrating ongoing projects, recognizing file structures, organization patterns and other project specific requirements/characteristics both on up-to-date and legacy Rails codebases.

Other common pieces of our work stack are Git, Github, Gitlab, Postgres, Redis, Linux, and Docker, so good working knowledge of any of these is definitely a plus. We’re also eager learners, so if there are other technologies that interest you, or which you’ve had good results with please let us know!

What You’ll Do:

  • Bootstrap new Rails apps, being the leader in a team setting while keeping a productive role as Senior Developer yourself;
  • Design applicable solutions for incoming challenges related with the execution of the project.
  • Track progress of existing tasks to the rest of the team;
  • Implement features, bug fixes, and tests in existing Rails projects;
  • Monitor and analyze production logs and monitoring metrics, and implement improvements to the infrastructure or application based on hard data;
  • Integrate with other systems (external APIs);

Though the job opening is listed as remote, we can get you a spot at RedLight's office with no strings attached.
  • Extensive Ruby on Rails experience;
  • Knowledge of testing frameworks — minitest or rspec (or both!);
  • PostgreSQL experience;
  • Familiarity with code lifecycle management: Gitflow, branches, pull requests, code reviews, etc;
  • Familiarity with kanban-like project management tools: Trello, JIRA, etc;

Nice to have:
  • 5+ years of professional experience;
  • Javascript experience (both Nodejs or frontend frameworks like React or Vue are valued);
  • Ability to leverage Git in complex scenarios;
  • Sysadmin / Devops experience (ranging from linux server knowledge, to running Docker and Kubernetes clusters);
  • Experience in other programming languages or technologies.

  • Though we have room in our HQ to accommodate you, this role is fully remote. The employee is able to work from our offices, do a hybrid mix of office and remote or just go full remote - it's really up to you where you work from.
  • For this role specifically, candidates need to be based in countries where timezones range from GMT-5 to GMT+2.
  • Above average compensation;
  • Health insurance;
  • Free fresh amenities at the office;
  • Extended parental leave and daycare support;
  • Free Spotify Premium or YouTube Music;
  • Yearly team tour;
  • And much more.