Senior Software Engineer

Remote - UK Full Time Senior
£65K - £80K Yearly

Published on October 12, 2023

We enable rental business models.

We enable rental business models, at scale.

Imagine a world where you rent what you need, for however long you need, then return it to be refurbished and rented by someone else. Imagine you build the Helm’s Deep Lego set one month, then swap it for The Simpsons’ House the next. Imagine you rent a stroller for a year, then swap it for a double because you have another new addition. Imagine a world where you rent the winter coats for those bundles of joy instead of buying them, because you know they’ll have outgrown them by next year. 

In our world items stay in use, by staying in circulation.

Our mission is to provide the tools that enable entrepreneurs to provide these possibilities to consumers. Our software allows businesses to build rental options, opening up a new revenue stream through a new and sustainable initiative, with a sustainable and profitable business model. 

We will accelerate the circular economy and the move towards usage rather than ownership.

We are seeking talented, engaged individuals to create this future with us. In return, Supercycle provides a rare opportunity to balance financial ambition with achieving ethical consumerism.

Our 3 founders have impressive industry experience, having exited a Shopify Plus agency and having closed our pre-seed investment. Joining now would make you part of our first 5 hires - a highly lucrative time to join as your EMI options have huge room for growth.

You will have autonomy

At Supercycle, we like to assign projects not tasks. We believe splitting tasks up for developers to work through like code monkeys isn’t the right approach. Instead, we like to define the boundaries of the work we would like done. Then we let our developers use their judgement to execute the pitch as best as they can.

You will be working with external APIs

You’ll be working with external APIs, notably the Shopify APIs. This often means putting API calls in jobs to sync data between our app and Shopify.

You will be solving tricky problems

We are quite literally creating a category (there is no category for rental on the Shopify app store), this means creating concepts for the first time and addressing wholly new challenges.

You’ll be working with inspirational peers

We are considered and deliberate about hiring, bringing together people that have mastery of their craft and importantly are a joy to work with.

How we work

  • We use the shape-up methodology
  • Work in 6-week cycles
  • We assign projects not tasks, we don't want you to be a code monkey
  • Best idea wins
  • Asynchronous communication through Basecamp (NO Slack)
  • We like to give uninterrupted time to actually get work done without distractions
  • We work based on appetite, not estimates
  • We allow remote working, however would prefer early team members to be able to join us in our York office occasionally (minimum every 6 weeks) for the “big decisions”

Our tech stack

We use Ruby on Rails as our server and React with Shopify’s Polaris UI library for our Admin UI, we also use plain old ERB templates with Tailwind CSS for our customer portal views.


  • 3+ years of experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Experience creating JSON API’s, ideally with Jbuilder or jsonapi-serializer
  • Experience with API documentation tools (Yard, Apipie, etc..)
  • Experience with unit testing (Minitest, Rspec, etc..)
  • Experience with background workers (Sidekiq, Resque, etc..)
  • Experience working with external APIs in a rails app

Skills and nice to haves

  • You value good design
  • Familiar with Shopify API’s
  • Familiar creating JSON APIs from a design and then documenting them
  • Able to take ownership and write scalable, maintainable code
  • Awareness of Git and code reviewing
  • You have full proficiency (written and verbal) in English
  • TDD or BDD knowledge would also be nice to have
  • Strong programming foundations
  • Ability to solve complex challenges