Senior Full Stack Developer

Remote - Canada Full Time Senior
$120K - $150K Yearly

Published on October 18, 2023

An early stage startup that's focusing on the human-side of this ever changing world of work. We're a B2B SaaS platform helping companies build culture by providing them the right tools to manage, measure and improve their company culture initiatives.

🌊 What's the problem we're solving?
Companies are more remote, hybrid, flexible than ever before. Creating a company culture that fosters connection, improves employee happiness, and increases retention has never been more important. Yet, the more distributed and flexible work is becoming, the more challenging it is to action on.

🧩 How are we solving it?
Wavy's Culture Management Platform empower teams to create meaningful company culture, wherever people are located. From team socials to off-sites, customers work with us to plan, manage, review, and improve their team building initiatives.
With Wavy, it's easy to plan, customize, and launch company-wide events. Especially with plug-and-play experiences, content, and services readily available through our marketplace.

🔮 Shape the future of work
The way we work has changed forever. As a result, the way we foster culture is changing. Company culture in a distributed world is not a trivial problem. This excites us! It’s everyone’s problem to solve. And one that all of us can relate to!

You'll work closely with all Wavers to understand our customers and the problems they're having. You'll get to iterate on product projects, UX/UI design, and build solutions into our platform as we grow. We're an early-stage startup, so this means you'll get work with and make an impact on all functions at Wavy.

🤖 The Stack
We're a lean team, so we're big believers in Ruby-on-Rails as a framework that enables small teams and solo developers to quickly iterate and build comprehensive features with low effort, and manage the whole stack.
We tend to stick to "The Rails Way" as close as possible, as it allows us to have a low maintenance burden, and focus our development efforts on the problems we actually need to solve. To that end, we also always stay up to date with the latest version of Rails, to take full advantage of new functionality and tools as soon as they are available and stable.

- Ruby 3.2 and the latest version of Rails
- Javascript - Stimulus JS only. 
- PostCSS & CSS - Very sparingly, mostly TailwindCSS.

✌️ Does this sound like you?
- Comfortable architecting, building, owning, and scaling systems end-to-end
- Have experiences working on the Rails stack
- Are excited about the idea of building integrations with third-party services and cloud services
- Advocate for improvements to product quality, security, and performance across the system
- Are excited about defining and improving our coding practices for new features and maintaining existing ones
- Continuously looks for ways to enhance automation and testing
- Curious about new technologies, and pragmatic about what to do with them
- Enjoy chatting through customer problems and bringing solutions to life through technology
- Are a self-starter. We're a lean team of high performers, so if you see a gap anywhere, you pick it up and bring it to resolution while pro-actively communicating with the team
- Are humble, respectful, and empathetic

✏️ Key responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
As an early team member, you will:
- Own features through the complete development life cycle, while gaining exposure to all functions of the business
- Influence architecture decisions
- Investigate new technologies
- Integrate with HR and workplace technologies, like HRIS, Microsoft Teams, Google Suite, Slack, and more

We're a lean team of high performers, so if working with different functions at Wavy and being close to the customer problem excites you, Wavy is the place for you. As a remote team that believes in keeping human connections alive. While we know that developers need deep focus time to get things done and are working towards building async workflows, we value setting time aside to get to know your co-workers and have shared experiences along the way. 🎉

👋 Life at Wavy
Our Values
We value creating community, being open, taking time to celebrate, keeping it spicy, and having all hands on deck. These are our core beliefs - both internally and externally. They drive how we work and what we aim to help others achieve through our technology and services.

1. Create community:To us, building community should be inclusive, create a sense of belonging, be focused on giving, and connects people in lasting ways - both online and offline
2. Default to Open: Let's be real - inside and out. Try to be honest and transparent with each other. Create a space where people can bring their whole selves to work. Let's default to open rather than closed.
3. Celebrate Things: Life moves pretty fast. While it's important to look forward to the next big thing, we believe it's equally important to pause and recognize life's little moments and milestones.
4. Keep it spicy: Don't be afraid to shake things up! We believe that getting out of your comfort zone is always a good thing. Be sure to spend time learning, experimenting, and exploring to do so!
5. All Hands on Deck: Work is better when done together. Don't be afraid to ask for help or lend a hand when working on a project, solving a problem, or testing a new idea—collaboration nation.

Our perks
* 100% remote work
* Benefits & annual health spending account
* Employee stock option plan
* Summer Fridays off ☀️
* Team building! You’ll have the option to take part in regular socials and team offsites annualy (online and in-person).

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and are committed to building a work environment that is both diverse and inclusive. You will receive consideration for employment regardless of race, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, creed, disability, or age.

⁉ Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in touch with you?
You can email us at and we'll be in touch!

What is the interview process?
It's 3 chats plus a coding assignment:
- First round: Intro call
- Coding assignment
- Second round: Chat with the Wizards of Wavy (aka the engineering team)
- Third round: Meet more of the Wavy team and get familiar with our culture

Who is Wavy's ideal customer?
Our target customers are high-growth tech and services companies with 500+ employees and large enterprises transitioning to digital by design. Ideally, they have a geographically distributed team and are remote-first, so have a direct need for online, async, and in-person company culture solutions.

How does Wavy make money?
Our business model is B2B SaaS. Companies can subscribe to our Culture Management Platform to plan, manage, review, and improve their team building initiatives.

Where is Wavy located?
We founded Wavy in Toronto, but are a 100% remote company. Today, we have team members working out of Canada, the US, and UK!

Awesome, Wavy is 100% remote. What does that mean in terms of flexibility?
We mostly work on EST hours and our meetings are generally set between 10 AM to 4 PM EST. The majority of our work happens autonomously. We'll proactively communicate with each other to set up times to chat through problems sync or async, based on preferences.

How will I get to know my co-workers in a remote setting?
We believe that human interaction is vital to building deeper connections with each other! It’s what Wavy’s all about. Here’s how we’re encouraging our team to stay connected:

* [Online] Coffee & Catch Ups two times per week to chit chat, share peaks and valleys, and play games
* [Online] Monthly Team Events (Yes, we get to test out lots of experiences)
* [In-person] Local Meet Ups and Co-working days of choice

What exact tools and frameworks will I be using?

- Ruby-on-Rails
- ViewComponents - resuable and testable frontend components
- Hotwired/Turbo - Live updates, websockets, and frontend interactivity
- Stimulus JS - Frontend interactivity
- Propshaft - asset fingerprinting and serving
- ESBuild - Asset bundling
- PostCSS and TailwindCSS - Frontend styling
- PostgresQL - Main database
- Sidekiq - Jobs and workers
- Heroku - Server hosting
- Redis - Job queues and caching
- HAML - frontend templates

How to Apply

We'd love to hear why you're interested in Wavy!