Backend Engineer

Remote - India Full Time Junior
₹600K - ₹720K Yearly

Published on October 19, 2023

Commutatus empowers people to bring innovative ideas to life. We design and develop mobile & web applications and user-centred digital products that provide extraordinary visual experiences. We follow the latest development methodologies like Agile and Scrum to collaborate with our clients in validating their problems, refining their ideas, fabricating designs and eventually developing an exceptional product.

We love what we do and are proud of our results. Two of our projects, out of the 50 or more, that are close to our hearts are - a platform to help young people across 124 countries develop leadership through diverse cultural experiences; a creative platform which helps people get customized healthy food delivered at their their doorstep.

Over the past three years, we have delivered world-class designs and have seen an exponential growth in our work. While we are very proud of this accomplishment, we would want to push our boundaries to reach exceptional landmarks.

Commutatus partners with ambitious entrepreneurs, startups, and corporates in various industries to conceptualize, design, and build digital products. We are the team that companies like AIESEC, MyCaptain, NADIM, and others hire to get things done. 

Over the past years, we’ve gained substantial experience not just in building platforms, but also in doing it the right way.  The platforms that we build now are both super malleable, and easy to scale. Our vision at Commutatus is, To bring tomorrow closer to today, and we aspire to achieve that more than one client at a time. 

Take a look at why you should work here! We’ve recorded a video for you to get a quick overview of who we are and what we’re trying to achieve with this role. Watch it!

What you would do at Commutatus

You’ll primarily work in a squad of 6 - 8 people comprising Designers, Frontend Engineers, Backend Engineers, and a Project Manager. Your responsibilities will include -

  • Research and feasibility checks: Assist in the ideation of features by providing inputs based on research or your experience. You’ll frequently advise the team on the feasibility of ideas, and provide alternate routes to meet the objective of the feature. 
  • Planning and estimation: You will assist the squad in planning,  and estimating features to ensure that they roll out on time, and function as expected.
  • Software development: Develop robust APIs for platforms that we manage, you’ll also be involved in analyzing performance & errors to keep the platform at the top of its game! We build plugins/templates for features that are common across platforms. , You’ll need to keep an eye out for such opportunities, and may even be involved in building them. 
  • Continuous improvement: Play an active role in team retrospective events by flagging problems and frustrations in the team, and offering solutions.

What you need to have

We are not big on credentials. A computer science degree, or graduating from a prestigious university is not something we spend much time looking at. We care about what you can do and how you do it, not how you got there.

Absolute Requirements

  1. You are open to working remotely.
  2. You have exceptional communication skills.
  3. You are resourceful - we don’t expect you to know all the answers right away, but we want you to research, and learn on the go to get the job done right.
  4. You can identify problems around you, and independently propose solutions to these problems. We love independent problem-solvers and encourage all our employees to suggest changes to streamline our processes.
  5. You are organized, and structured. If your PRs are well structured, have great descriptions, and your JIRA tickets are always on the right status, we want you.
  6. A strong understanding of Ruby on Rails, APIs, and database design.
Skills and experiences we’d like to see

  1. You’ve built scalable digital platforms before that have been deployed to production environments.
  2. You know how GraphQL, and REST APIs work, i.e., you know how to build, maintain, and improve them.
  3. You have designed databases and optimized their performance.
  4. You understand the different components of a backend system such as app servers, databases, and caches.
  5. You have a sound understanding of how to deploy apps to staging or production via automated tools such as Github Actions or Travis.

What we can give you

  • The freedom to learn and grow in the company.
  • A supportive team who’ll help you when you are stuck!
  • A learning path, feedback, and resources to take you to the next step in your technical career! We even sponsor certifications, and tickets to select tech events!
  • A safe space to explore your varied interests. 
  • A platform to explore and understand different domains.
  • An invested interest in your well-being. All our employees benefit from generous health insurance and unlimited sick leaves.
  • The space for you to have a healthy work-life balance.
  • Transparency in the company’s performance and financial status.
  • Weekly company-wide engagement activities to wind down at the end of the week.

Reality check

These preliminary questions will let you know if you fit our requirements.

  1. Do you love freedom, and flexibility in your work? 
  2. Do you seek out opportunities, and learn something new each day?
  3. Are you a great communicator?
  4. Do you make an effort to ensure quality on everything you ship out, such that you are proud to have your stamp on it? 
If you align with everything we’ve said, we are interested!

Annual Salary Range: INR 6 - 7.2 LPA