Sr Software Engineer

Published on October 26, 2023

Instructure is an education technology company dedicated to elevating student success, amplifying the power of teaching, & inspiring everyone to learn together.

At Instructure, we build Canvas and other education tools to help educators and students learn together wherever, whenever, and however is best.

We're looking for engineers who can help advance the future of education technology by working on our advance development team. As a research team, this group is responsible for understanding education's most pressing problems and applying technology's most cutting edge solutions to them. We expect to fail a lot. We expect to succeed in world-changing ways.
Some of our past/current projects:
  • Using blockchain and other cryptographic tools to verify student accomplishment;
  • Researching alternative Ruby and JVM runtimes to improve performance of existing tools;
  • Applying large language models (both commercially available / open source) to educational challenges such as content classification/tagging, page layout, and search
  • Using best practice classification tools to understand our partner network and recommend the best tool to our customers;
  • Leveraging UI/UX expertise to ensure that educators are equipped to make the best technology decisions possible for their classrooms and institutions.
What you will need to have:
  • Have demonstrated a love of solution over technology;
  • Be comfortable in multiple technology stacks;
  • Bring to the team a startup-style enthusiasm for solving problems regardless of role;
  • Be comfortable communicating research results in English;
  • Have a passion for the mission of improving education technology across the globe.
We’ve always believed in hiring the most awesome people and treating them right. We know that the more diverse we are, the more diverse our ideas will be and when we openly welcome those ideas, our environment is better and our business is stronger.
All Instructure employees are required to successfully pass a background check upon being hired.