Manager, Software Engineering

Published on October 30, 2023

As Jobber CEO Sam remembers it, “When I met Graham he was struggling with invoicing, scheduling, and keeping track of really important info. He was drowning in paperwork and was getting bogged down with the details that come with running a business. It was the exact situation that many of our customers are in when they come to Jobber. They start a business and take a leap of faith and just do it. That’s a really brave thing to do, and I can tell you from experience how scary it is to be an entrepreneur. Whether it’s software you’re building, or a successful painting company, this is really hard work.” In 2011, Graham, owner of Painters Enterprise, had 3 employees and worked out of 1 city. He loved running his own painting business but was struggling to keep up with the paperwork, administrative tasks, and data entry that came with running a service business. As Forrest recalls, “We started with a very basic setup that minimized his paperwork problem; getting his invoicing, client records, and team schedules into an online framework that we quickly realized multiple businesses could benefit from. We knew that a lot of the headaches business owners were feeling were shared between industries (scheduling the unexpected, reacting to problems quickly, drowning in paperwork, inability to grow their business, customer expectations, etc). We discovered that fixing a single process problem for one industry consequently fixed the same problem in 100 other industries. That was our aha moment. It wasn’t just about fixing the problems that one business experienced it was about fixing the entire system in which home service businesses operated in.” We’ve come a long way from our first customer in 2011. Today, we help over 200,000 people like Graham run successful home service businesses. What happened to Graham and Painters Enterprise? Today, Graham has 4 locations in 3 cities and a team of 16. He still uses Jobber today.

Are you as passionate about the development of people as you are about product? 
Then Jobber might be the place for you! We’re looking for a Manager, Software Engineering to be part of our Business Operations department.
Jobber exists to help people in small businesses be successful. As featured in the Globe and Mail, we work with home and field service companies to help them better quote, schedule, invoice and collect payments from their customers. Having been named the #2 fastest growing software company in Canada and one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2020, it’s clear we’ve come a long way from our first customer in 2011 – but we’ve just scratched the surface of what we want to accomplish for our customers.   
Our product provides entrepreneurs the flexibility of working in their office or the field and we offer that same opportunity to our employees. You will have the choice to work in either our Edmonton or Toronto offices or remotely anywhere within Canada. We’re committed to ensuring the best experience for all Jobberinos to do impactful work. We weren’t named a top workplace in Canada for nothing!
The BizOps Department at Jobber:
Just like Jobber empowers small businesses with the tools and insights they need to succeed, the BizOps Department ensures our people at Jobber have the tooling, data insights, and strategic direction to excel in our shared mission. We turn data into actionable insights, and work with departments across the company to execute against their mandates. Essentially, BizOps serves as a central hub that drives business outcomes in different corners of Jobber, with specialized groups including Business Strategy, Revenue Operations, Business Analytics, and Business Technology.
At Jobber we never stop growing and learning, and you shouldn’t either. Through continuous 1:1s, dedicated feedback and support from your manager and our Learning and Development team, and your own sense of curiosity, we hope you develop to another level with your skill set.
The role: 
Reporting to the Director of Business Technology, the Manager, Software Engineering will work with members of your team to support and develop their skills and career, as we work together to empower small businesses. In addition, you will be heavily involved in the strategic direction of growth in how we work and what we work on.
The Manager, Software Engineering will:
  • Live and breathe performance facilitation. You want to work with your team(s) to help them master their individual crafts, while also collaborating to build extraordinary experiences and systems.
  • Be committed to the success of your people. You will help them set goals, have regular 1-on-1s, and provide constructive feedback and coaching to ensure your team's success. You’ll work to understand employees’ career direction and work to empower their journey by acting as a mentor and coach. 
  • Develop a world-class team alongside a world-class growth organization. You’ll participate in recruiting events and the hiring process while also working to level up your internal team while implementing new processes, all to develop a world-class Growth department.
  • Remove roadblocks and build guardrails. You’ll work with the other leaders to create and maintain an environment where people can rapidly produce top-quality work that ultimately helps our customers be successful.
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders across the business. Whether it’s with other leaders and teams in our engineering departments, or with our business and revenue focused teams, you’re working closely with other Jobberinos to find the best solutions so that Jobber can move forward helping people in small businesses be successful.
To be successful, you should have:
  • A track record of success in being an established software engineer, as well as time spent in a leadership position, guiding a team in the delivery of quality software.
  • Previous experience leading change, and delivering on company vision.
  • The ability to be agile in an agile environment. You’ll need to be able to lead and teach your team to adapt to change, while also thinking critically and creatively to find answers to problems.
  • Effective communication. Being transparent with your team and establishing an open dialogue will be a key to success in supporting your coaching conversations and discussions.
  • Collaboration down to an art. You’ll work with your direct reports or other teams to understand what they want to accomplish and develop a plan to achieve it.
  • To be a leader and mentor. You’ll bring your shared experience into conversations to influence and provide constructive feedback to direct reports throughout the journey to ensure goals are being met and exceeded
All interviews are currently being conducted virtually - via phone or video.
What you can expect from Jobber:
Having been named as a Top 10 Great Place to Work in Canada, we walk the talk. Here are just some of the great things you can expect from us:
  • A total compensation package that includes an extended health benefits package with fully paid premiums for both body and mind, RRSP matching, and stock options.
  • A dedicated Coaching and Development function, including Development Coaches, to help build the career you want and hit the goals you set, while ensuring you’re reaching your fullest potential.
  • Support for all your breaks: from vacation to rest and recharge, your birthday off to celebrate, health days to support your physical and mental health, and parental leave top-ups to support your growing family.
  • A unique opportunity to build, grow, and leave your impact on a $400-billion industry that has no dominant player...yet.
  • To work with a group of people who are humble, supportive, and give a sh*t about our customers. 
We believe that diverse teams perform better and that fostering an inclusive work environment is a key part of growing a successful team. We welcome people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We are an equal opportunity employer, and we are committed to working with applicants requesting accommodation at any stage of the hiring process.
A bit more about us:
Job by job, we’re transforming the way service is delivered. Your lawn care provider, home cleaning service, plumber or painter could use Jobber to better connect with their customers, save time in the office, invoice faster, and get paid! We’re bringing tens of thousands of people together with technology to deliver billions of dollars a year in services to happy customers. Jobber exists to help make these small businesses successful, and when they’re successful we all win!