Full Stack Software Engineer

We are looking for a talented full-stack software engineer to design our scalable web services architecture for real-time natural language processing.

Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Design and implement the scalable web system architecture
  • Data pipeline workflow optimization
  • Write different scripts and tools to analyze the usage data
  • Maintenance and bug-fixes of the systems
  • Contribute to technical documentation of data analysis systems, solutions and results

Desired Qualifications:

  • BS or MS in computer science or related discipline
  • 2+ Years of experience working in web scale system engineering
  • Extensive experience programming in Ruby on Rails, Sinatra and MVC frameworks
  • Proficiency with SQL, Ruby, Python, Shell scripting, Git, AWS EC2
  • RESTful API design
  • Server design and configuration
  • Load balance and monitoring
  • Apptitude to learn and apply a wide range of technologies
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience developing AI, natural language processing or machine learning products is a plus

How to Apply

For experienced candidates, Cognii offers a unique opportunity to lead the innovation in conversational AI for real societal impact. For early-career candidates, Cognii offers a hands on training/internship opportunity to build and advance your career in AI. Please send your application and resume by clicking below. Make sure to include your location and a brief expression of interest in the mission of Cognii
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