Senior Software Engineer

About OpTonal

As an engineer you'll be building new product features using the Kanban methodology. You will also spend time addressing issues to make sure our code is high quality and technical debt is kept at a minimum.
Our product is built using Ruby on Rails and we use React for the frontend.
To better explain what you might do in this role, here are a couple of examples of what our engineers worked on recently:

  1. Bulk selecting and deletion of projects and simulations
  2. Manager onboarding templates
  3. Integration with Calendly
  4. Upgrading from Rails 6 to Rails 7


  1. (FRONTEND Only) Create and maintain interface designs, wireframes, and mockups
  2. Develop product improvements that are secure, tested and performant
    1. Write code that meets our requirements for style, maintainability, and scalability
  3. Collaborate with Product Management and other stakeholders to maintain a high bar for quality in a fast-paced, iterative environment
    1. Participate in our Code Review process and ensure everyone receives a swift response
  4. Drive improvements to product quality, security, and performance
    1. Recognize technical debt then propose and implement solutions
  5. Solve technical problems of moderate scope and complexity
    1. Confidently ship small features and improvements with minimal guidance and support from other team members.
    2. Collaborate with the team on larger changes
  6. Represent OpTonal and its values in public communication


  1. Significant professional experience with Ruby on Rails and React
    1. Due to the pace we're moving, people joining our team will be expected to have significant professional experience.
    2. Frontend engineers are expected to have significant experience with React and some experience with Ruby on Rails.
    3. Backend engineers are expected to have significant experience with Ruby on Rails and some experience with React.
  2. Proficiency in the English language, both written and verbal, sufficient for success in a remote and largely asynchronous work environment
    1. The bulk of our work is written – being able to express yourself and write effectively and concisely affects the ability to be successful in an asynchronous remote environment.
  3. Being able to clearly communicate about complex technical, and organizational problems
    1. This includes:
      1. Communicating one concept across multiple functional units
      2. Clear status updates
      3. Collecting and achieving consensus with peers on a regular basis
  4. Experience owning a project from concept to production, including proposal, discussion, and execution.
    1. Self-motivated and self-managing with strong organizational skills.
    2. Being autonomous affects the ability to thrive in a fully remote organization
  5. Comfort working in a highly agile, intensively iterative process
    1. We use Kanban and iterate very fast
    2. All code goes through code reviews


  1. Previous experience working with a remote team
  2. Previous experience in a peak performance organization, preferably a tech startup
  3. Previous experience working at a product company
  4. Experience working with Heroku
  5. Experience working with GitLab
    1. Project management
    2. GitLab CI
  6. An inclination for teaching, giving presentations and growing people around you
  7. Previous experience working with a global or otherwise multicultural team
  8. Computer science education or equivalent experience

Our benefits aim to create an environment for a successful career along with lots of space for a varied and balanced personal life. Abundant paid time off and everything you need to support you in doing the best work of your career.

  1. Flexible working hours
  2. Unlimited PTO with minimums
  3. Competitive Compensation and Equity
  4. World Class All-Remote Culture

Everyone can choose either between full-time employment (where supported) or a B2B contract - both through Deel with the same gross salary. This means that your net salary is the gross salary reduced by taxes and contributions mandated by local regulation.

NOTE: Salary is location based. We aim to give you a salary that's very competitive based on the local ranges in your area.

How to Apply

Apply or refer a candidate using the link for a $3000 bounty. 
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