Full Stack Engineer

About the role

You will:
  • Write both frontend and backend code, on a daily basis. We work in Ruby, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with Rails, SCSS, and Hotwire. Experience in these languages is amazing, but not required. All we care about is that you’re excited about the prospect of working with this stack.
  • Not only stitch together the frontend with the backend, but you’ll also help build large-scale data ingestion pipelines. We’re cataloging the price for every good and service at every hospital with every health insurance plan in the country. It’s no simple feat, and it changes regularly.
  • Maintain all the systems you build. We believe no engineer should support code they didn’t write or have the ability to change, and no engineer should force others to support their code. It’s up to us, as a team, to build and support production-quality code.

You are:
  • Equally comfortable and proficient making products pixel-perfect as you are designing elegant software architectures. We believe in sweating the details, which means we have high expectations across all aspects of our work. We want to work with people who are dedicated to their craft at the highest level.
  • Addicted to speed. Startups are a sprint and a marathon at the same time. We have a duty to patients to make every day count.
  • Excited to join something on the ground floor. Our founders have been-there-done-that on the startup journey, and are back because there has never been a better time to build a breakthrough consumer product that achieves this mission. It won’t be easy, especially starting this early, but you are ready to dive in and do whatever it takes to make it a success.

Visit our Jobs page to learn more about Goodbill, our mission, and what it’s like to work with us. We pay a competitive salary and offer generous equity, benefits, and perks.