Senior Frontend Developer - Hotwire, Turbo, Stimulus

Published on December 11, 2022

StatusGator is a tiny global team of Ruby on Rails developers looking for a frontend developer to join our team to help build our product. We are US-based but have an extremely relaxed, asynchronous working environment and are fully distributed.

We are a small team of Rails developers looking for another developer to join our team. We pride ourselves in providing organized tasks with well-defined deliverables, without a lot of overhead, meetings, or micromanagement.

Our team consists of two-cofounders with more than 30 years combined Ruby on Rails backend experience, plus several other Ukraine-based contractors. Our team lacks a strong frontend developer who can take ownership of our frontend stack from HTML and CSS on downward.

We heavily rely on Ruby on Rails and the ideal candidate will have experience with Rails including Rails UJS and the latest Hotwire stack: Turbo and Stimulus. Our next big project involves a complete redesign of our product so experience working with designers to translate Figma into HTML and CSS is a huge plus.

If you want to work independently have the ability to set the groundwork for a growing company, we want to hear from you.

Why work for StatusGator?

We are a tiny team: Two Rails-developer co-founders, a content and marketing team based in Ukraine, and several other designers and developers based in Ukraine and Europe. We have a small but beloved product that is used by developers and IT teams. We have been in business and profitable for 4 years.

We operate with a flexible schedule. Since our team is 100% remote and global, we all work asynchronously with very limited meetings. Although we expect some working-hours overlap with US Eastern Time, we generally do not care when or where you work -- whatever fits your lifestyle! We try to set broad goals and create detailed requirements managed with Trello. Then we get out of the way to let everyone do their best work.