Senior Fullstack Engineer

Remote - US Full Time Senior
$136K - $230K Yearly

Published on December 24, 2023

At Bonusly, employees are encouraged to experiment, learn, and act. Our values aren’t just nice-sounding words on a poster somewhere, but a succinct description of our culture and what it’s like to work here. They are: go get results, be an excellent teammate, default to transparency, work smarter, seek and embrace diversity, delight the customer.

About Bonusly Engineering:
We believe "velocity" is the rate at which we deliver value to our customers, not the rate at which we ship code. And this pushes us to center our work around customers; “How will this change I'm about to make help our customers?”.

When we’re coding, we're making hundreds of micro-decisions that add up to a person’s experience with the product. We’re in a unique position because we dogfood what we build (Bonusly uses Bonusly), and that helps us form opinions about what works. Engineers also work with Product Management and Design to define problems we solve. Knowing the customer means spending some time away from the code. 

The Role: 
Engineers have the freedom to create a ton of impact for our customers. The role requires high agency and comfort with change. It requires people who believe the interesting problems in Engineering are stack-agnostic. It requires Engineers who believe that solving customer problems quickly is what matters first; building scalable systems matters when customer problems are scaling problems.
What you'll do:
  • Work in React, Ruby, Rails, MongoDB, and Postgres to solve problems for our customers.
  • Dive into all layers of the stack; frontend, backend, API, data processors, etc.
  • Jam with Product Managers, Designers, CS, and other Engineers every day to shape the direction of our products. 
  • Share your knowledge with people in Engineering; engineers should get better at their craft because they work with you. Even if you’re early in your career, you have something to teach. 
  • Contribute to the psychological safety of your team. Software is built by groups of people, and good relationships matter.
What you’ve accomplished:
  • While we agree the interesting problems in Engineering are stack-agnostic, we’d love it if you have experience with Ruby on Rails. We’ve found that Engineers with prior stack experience usually ramp faster.
  • You’ve worked for a startup before and are looking for a similar role. Or, you've founded a company and are looking to get back into it.
  • You’ve been working as a professional Software Engineer for three or more years.
  • You understand SaaS business fundamentals (e.g. annual contract value, customer acquisition cost, and annual-recurring revenue) and can demonstrate how the work you’ve done influences these metrics.
  • Salary range: $136,000-$230,000 (This range incorporates multiple job levels)
  • Equity range: 0.08%-0.23%