Software Engineer

Published on January 09, 2024

Platform is dedicated to empowering founders on their journey to success. We expedite their path by providing comprehensive support through essential resources such as capital, top-tier talent, shared services, expert guidance, and a proven methodology. We aim to enable visionary entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to create groundbreaking companies that address some of the world's most pressing challenges. Think of us as the "AWS for startup development." Our portfolio spans various industries, including sustainable commerce, sports influencer marketing, indie music, insurance, logistics, and more. Jeremy Burton, a seasoned serial entrepreneur with an impressive track record, founded Platform with Tim Connors, a venture investor renowned for backing six unicorns and contributing over $30 billion in market capitalization. Our unique approach embodies the collective wisdom of Jeremy and Tim, who boast over 50 years of experience building thriving startups. As a venture studio, our

PlatformOS is our proprietary software platform for running Platform Venture Studio. Think of it as "Github for building startups". It captures all of our best practice, allows us to build in the open, and engages the collective intelligence of our network.

PlatformOS comprises various responsive web applications, a browser extension, API integrations, and data science components.

Reporting directly to Platform's founder, you will be a key player in continuing the evolution of PlatformOS.

You will have:
- 5+ years of experience in both front-end and back-end web development (an uneven mix is ok)
- Back-end web development experience, ideally in Rails, but analogous experience in Python or Javascript based frameworks is fine too.
- Front-end web development experience in React. React Native experience is helpful.
- An ability to dial in the right level of quality vs speed, based on the needs of the situation.
- Experience managing production deployment is helpful.
- Comfort working remotely as the norm and the communication skills to make it work effectively. We are a remote-first company, with a remote-first culture.
- A desire to work in a small, agile, scrappy, and fun team.


- A competitive salary, commensurate with experience and location
- Benefits - health, vision, dental, 401(k), insurance
- Participation in Platform Cohort SPVs (equivalent to venture fund carry)
- Flexibility to work from anywhere
- An empathetic, supportive, and inclusive culture