Full Stack Engineer (Ruby on Rails)

Published on February 05, 2024

Heal Your Nervous System is on a clear-cut mission: help people with a sensitive nervous system heal from anxiety, burnout, and chronic symptoms. Our team includes clinicians, researchers, and coaches, all deeply invested in integrating neuroscience and somatic practices to support individuals around the world in taking control of their wellbeing.

Every member of our team is here because they believe in what we do and are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. Every day, we strive to enable others to regain control of their well-being and find their path to healing.

We're on the lookout for someone who shares our passion and is eager to bring their expertise to a place where it truly matters. If you're looking for a role that challenges you, feeds your passion for change, and allows you to make a real impact, we'd love to hear from you.

We're looking for an experienced and versatile Ruby on Rails (Full-Stack) developer with a strong background in creating RoR applications and be skilled at solving challenging problems with straightforward solutions.
The ideal candidate would be someone who is able to work independently, meticolously break down big projects into smaller tasks, build things quickly and is excellent at communicating with the team.

  • Join an international team working 100% remote
  • Make a positive impact on people's mental wellbeing
  • Encouraging, compassionate and uplifting working culture
  • Work directly with founding team, making a direct contribution to creating a better product
  • Part-time or full-time role depending on candidate's skill and availability
  • At least 4 hours overlap with GMT+8 is preferable
  • Collaborate with the CTO & Product Owner to design and implement new features
  • Maintain and improve the existing codebase to ensure high-quality product delivery
  • Stay updated and work with the latest technologies such as Rails 7+ and the hotwire framework
  • Utilize your frontend skills to create appealing views using tailwindcss, HTML, and a bit of JavaScript (Stimulus.js)
  • Work independently to plan detailed execution from general directions
  • Communicate openly and effectively with team members
  • Back-end (profound knowledge of):
  • Rails 6+, Hotwire, PostgreSQL, Sidekiq + Redis
  • Front-end (great experience with):
  • HTML, CSS (SCSS + Tailwind), Javascript (Stimulus.js)
  • Experience building user-facing interfaces, not only internal ones
  • Experience breaking down a big project into many small tasks
  • Writing Tests
  • Using Git
  • Fluent in English (spoken and written)
  • Knowledge of Puma and Heroku
  • Experience building monolith applications
  • Experience with Turbo Native or Jumpstart ios/android
  • Experience with Jumpstart Rails
  • Familiar with the shape-up methodology
  • Creating / integrating APIs

At Heal Your Nervous System, we are proud to provide our team members with a range of benefits that support both their professional and personal growth.
Here’s what you can expect when you join us as a SENIOR DEVELOPER:

Meaningful Work: Every day, your work will directly impact people’s lives, helping them on their journey to better health and well-being. Join us in making a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.
Fully Remote Position: Enjoy the flexibility to organize your working hours. We ask for overlapping hours with our global team to ensure smooth collaboration.
Growth Opportunities: As our business flourishes, so do your opportunities for professional development. We encourage and support your growth within the company.
Independence and Autonomy: We trust you to take charge of your tasks and projects. At Heal Your Nervous System, you’ll have the space to make decisions and lead your work with self-determination.
Global, Motivated Team: Collaborate and innovate with a team of professionals spread across five continents, all dedicated to our mission and highly motivated to make a difference.
Strong Company Culture: Our culture is rooted in openness, accountability, and a deep connection to our cause. We strive to create an environment where every team member feels valued and heard.

Become a part of a team that values your contribution and is dedicated to making a positive impact in the world. We can’t wait to have you on board!

Please note
In order to ensure great team collaboration our ideal candidate should have between 4-6 hours of overlap with the GMT+8 time zone.