Senior Backend Engineer (Remote)

Why Mode Mobile? 
You have an opportunity to join a team of high-caliber ambitious people who are out to challenge the status quo of content consumption. 
  • We’re a well-funded revenue-generating company, and have a runway for years to come.
  • We are rapidly growing and as we embark on the next phase of our incredible expansion, we are looking for exceptional talent to help fuel the growth.
  • We’re committed to bringing diverse industry experiences and perspectives together. The team is made up of alumni from Y-Combinator, Ivy League Universities, College Dropouts, Fortune 500, and everything in between.
  • We have superior financiers and advisors including Mark Cuban and several top-tier institutional investors.
  • We care about building a disruptive product that empowers our users. We think big!

About The Technology
We rely heavily on the following technologies to provide a seamless earning experience for millions of users:

We'd Love To Talk With You If…
  • the company and problem space excite you!
  • you have plenty of experience building robust and scalable products, including hands-on experience creating web applications with Rails.
  • you’re excited to deliver high-quality features at a fast pace, and are eager to find the most minimal way to test hypotheses.
  • you're passionate about automated testing and continuous delivery.
  • you’re a candid and empathetic communicator.
  • you’re excited to join a growth-stage startup, and to help level-up the company. Expect some chaos!
  • you’re confident working independently on large problems, but know when and how to include others.
  • you have experience building large-scale systems that store and process lots of data (a plus, but not required).
  • you have some experience with technical leadership (a plus, but not required).

Interview Process
The process is normally a 30-minute initial interview, a 1-hour technical interview, and 1 hour interview with the Engineering Manager, a 1-hour interview with the Director of Engineering, and a 30 minute interview with the CTO.

We All Share The Same Core Values
  • Lead with Purpose - Leadership does not necessarily mean management. Everyone is a leader, no matter the role. Taking pride in your responsibilities, finding & executing solutions is key.
  • Focus on the ‘Why’- The best solutions start with everyone understanding the problem and its impact. We’ve found that if someone understands the ‘why’, they will produce an innovative ‘what’ and ‘how’. If we cannot explain the ‘why’ clearly, we don’t understand the problem ourselves.
  • Bring a Sense of Humor - Our work environment is a lighthearted & positive place where team members are united by humor and camaraderie; we believe laughter is a great way to uplift team members morale and form bonds with each other.
  • Set New Precedents - We drive innovation and push boundaries for all company activities while understanding that anything worth doing will have roadblocks. We set a new standard of worth for people’s time, data, and attention while rewarding what most other companies take.
  • Collaboration - We won’t thrive without recognizing others’ strengths. Listen and evolve together, helping and supporting each other for the sake of a collective goal.
We Believe In The Following Workplace Norms
  • Honor Commitments, Your Word Matters - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Timely (S.M.A.R.T) Asks & Answers.
  • Allow OKRs To Guide Us - Individual & Departmental OKRs will largely impact success at Mode Mobile.
  • Agree to Disagree & Commit -Voice concerns in a respectful & appropriate manner directly to your manager or the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Assume Positive Intent - Always start from the idea that a person meant well or was doing their best, no matter what they say or do.
  • Accomplish More with Less - Explore options to maximize value. Learn and be curious.
  • Hold Yourself and Others to High Standards - Embrace high attention to detail & maintain an appropriate sense of urgency.
  • Speak Up - Everyone’s opinion matters. Be inquisitive & don’t think in silos.

What We Are Offering
  • We are a remote-first company and all team members workdays overlap with U.S. CST core work hours.
  • A competitive compensation package.
  • Participation in the Company's equity and token plan.
  • We payout individual bonuses every two months in accordance with our bimester Objectives & Key Results (OKRs).
  • Unlimited Paid Time Off
  • Wellness Fridays once a month
  • Work with energetic, passionate, and high-caliber people.
  • Celebrate team members' personal milestones.
  • Career roadmap
  • Remote social activities including virtual coffee buddies.
  • - we use as a way to recognize and reward team members for their hard work and commitment.
If we just described you and your perfect role, we'd love to talk with you. We have a lot to accomplish in the new year and look forward to making headway and creating successes together!