Senior Web Developer

Published on March 06, 2024

Grassriots is a catalyst for transformational change, bringing the best in innovative digital agency services to the world’s most progressive change-making organizations.

Position: Senior Developer - UNIONIZED
Reporting: Director of Technology
Compensation Level 4: $70,000 to $90,000 CAD + benefits (Union Dues 3% of salary)
Hours of Work: 40 hour work week 

As Senior Developer at Grassriots, you’ll be part one of the best, most innovative, and boundary-pushing agencies in Canada. Grassriots is a full-service digital agency, supporting high-profile national and international non-profits, charities and social enterprises. At Grassriots, your work will have measurable social impact with global reach and influence.

Your Work Makes an Impact
As a Grassriots Senior Developer, you will support a portfolio of client fundraising, marketing and advocacy projects with their web development. You will make sure client campaigns are accurately projected through their websites, landing pages and other web-based programs. 

In your role, you will need to be fluent in various programming languages and have extensive knowledge about different web development strategies. You will be reporting to the Director of Strategy, while acting as an in-house Development Subject Matter Expert. You will be expected to offer support, troubleshooting and coaching to your co-workers while ensuring you meet your own project deadlines. 

The Role of Senior Developer

  • Manage up to 3 complex and longer term projects at a time 
  • Take a project through the discovery process, development, testing, quality assurance, and deployment
  • Have an advanced understanding of JavaScript (Node, jQuery)
  • Have a working knowledge of Ruby and/or PHP for backend development
  • Have experience managing services on Heroku, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Platform
  • Experience with Wordpress, Engaging Networks or NationBuilder
  • End to End project completion: 
    • Creating a plan to complete the development side of each project
    • Providing an estimate of hours 
    • Development phase 
    • QA testing
    • Completing revision requests
    • Deploy and push to production 
    • Support and ongoing maintenance (support tickets) 
  • Handle technical and support requests
  • Troubleshoot with minimal need for escalation 
  • Assess, triage and flag support tickets
  • Collaborate with Project Managers to estimate hours of work along with type of technology and functional requirements making sure it meets the end goal
  • Offering support, troubleshooting and coaching with others on the Development team
  • Brainstorming, offering feedback and recommendations as needed
  • Participating as a member of the Grassriots team contributing to the overall success of Grassriots 

Client Facing  
  • Communicating with clients as needed 
  • Training clients on programs developed at Grassriots 
  • Using accessible language with stakeholders who are less familiar with technical terms 

Success as a Senior Developer 
  • Taking projects from beginning to end within allotted time 
  • Troubleshooting with minimal escalation
  • Contribute to clients, meeting and exceeding goals 
  • Providing creative solutions 
  • High level understanding of the goals that need to be met (ie. revenue, followers, engagement, petition signing, etc) 
  • Establishing Grassriots as the leader in digital spaces 
    • Participating in conferences, discussions, and other spaces outside of Grassriots 
  • Making recommendations that could lead to additional Grassriots work, when possible 
  • Clear expectation setting and high communication with clients and coworkers 
  • Successfully training and informing clients and coworkers on developed projects 
  • Producing work that you and Grassriots can be proud of
  • Working within allocated hours

The Grassriots Identity
A part of being a Grassriots team member is contributing and thriving in a deeply collaborative environment. We’re low-ego; we have integrity and respect for others, and adaptability regarding our positions, decisions, recommendations, and directions. We’re motivated, we’re problem solvers, and we do everything with empathy and compassion. Lastly, we try to have an inclusive lens in our relationships, both with one another, and with our clients. 

Core Competencies
At Grassriots, all team members are expected to have strong:
  • Written communications skills
  • Self-reflectiveness skills that support learning from and taking responsibility for mistakes
  • Adaptation skills to deal with change and uncertainty

A Senior Developer is expected to meet the Level 4 requirements of the Grassriots Compensation Competencies.

Leadership and Teamwork
  • Can be accountable to team members and shared deadlines
  • Shows care for team members
  • Supports capacity building, skills development, and knowledge and learnings with team members
  • Possesses self-awareness and emotional sophistication

  • Experience maintaining, evaluating, and improving on existing systems and processes.

Network and Relationships 
  • Has a developed network of mid-level contacts in our sector
  • Presents or participates in organizing industry conferences

Delivery and Practice 
  • Has successfully contributed to the development of (or improved) tactical plans and team strategy
  • Is comfortable leading team and client meetings
Theory and Framing 
  • Possesses strong knowledge of established and emerging theory & can clearly communicate existing theory. Relevant to your role and field 

Client Services 
  • Maintains client services standards and norms
  • Centres client experience and mentors other team members on client relationships
  • Advises management on client relationship, and client needs

Benefits and perks:
‣ Love that down time? Well, we do too! We love it so much that we offer 3 weeks
vacation to start PLUS paid time off between December 25 and New Years and 4
paid employee appreciation days off! We also have a Right to Disconnect Policy, ensuring when you aren’t on work time, you are able to actually disconnect. 

‣ We believe in universal healthcare, but since our government doesn’t, we provide
full health and dental coverage to our entire team.