Intermediate Developer

Published on April 27, 2024

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We are looking for an Intermediate Developer experienced with Ruby-on-Rails to help us solve tough problems and think up innovative new solutions, based on software development best practices and an urge to be the best you can be. You will work on customer- and admin-facing products, third-party integrations both canned and bespoke, and help architect the system toward greater flexibility, reliability, and scale.
  • Creative problem solving for key development and engineering issues, including full understanding of the root cause with the ability to leverage data to back up assertions
  • Building, maintaining, and architecting core web and mobile applications
  • Integrating with and maintaining third party tools and services
  • Participating in our agile development process: sprint planning, story grooming and stand ups
  • Extensive collaboration with other departments, particularly Product, Customer Care, and Finance, on product issues and when implementing new features
  • Adherence to our SDLC and secure coding practises and environment
  • Collaboration with development pod and team via pull request reviews, mentorship, knowledge sharing, pairing on complex stories
  • Championing ZayZoon’s mission to provide responsible financial products to an underserved generation of employees
  • 2+ years of hands-on Ruby on Rails experience with production applications
  • Experience solving issues around scale, concurrency, queuing, background processing, and efficient ingestion of third party data
  • Mastery of fundamentals. SOLID coding principles, domain-driven design, performant code and queries, unit and integration testing.
  • Ability to build quick when we need to experiment, build clean when MVP becomes core functionality
  • Strong SQL and data analysis skills and an eagerness to dig into data as part of problem solving. 
  • Full stack mentality. Every dev owns their features in full, meaning all the way from back end to front end code, automated and real life testing, demos, and delivery
  • Experience with agile development, sprints and scrum.
  • All the usual tooling: Git, Github, Jira, editor of your choice. (Plus the ability to search for good animated gifs when merging pull requests)

Bonus points if you have:
  • Data experience with BI tools (Metabase, Looker), ETL
  • Competence with React or React Native
  • Experience or interest in DevOps, particularly around cloud services and AWS
  • Prior work with financial technology, accounting systems, or banking

Candidates must be located in North America to be considered.
We are organized as a remote team, as such we are looking for candidates who can work effectively remotely. You must have access to a secure high speed internet connection and a secure workspace to ensure security of private information. This role is available on a permanently remote basis.

Please note that a final step in our hiring process is for candidates to arrange personal reference calls with former managers and others we may choose and undergo a criminal record check along with a basic security clearance due to the nature of our business.

We wish to thank all qualified applicants for their interest in joining our team!