Data Engineer - Ruby/Rails

Published on May 06, 2024

Big Cartel is an e-commerce platform that gives creators, artists, makers, and small brands from all over the world the power to open their own online stores and make a living doing what they love. Since 2005, we’ve helped people sell over $3.5 billion of their work while remaining a 100% independent company. Driven by our passion for creativity and innovation, we stand as a haven for small brands connecting their passion with opportunity. As we love to say, “you don’t have to sell out to sell online”.

We are looking for a Rails developer who loves data. Initially this person will focus on fleshing out our internal data warehouse to provide insights to stakeholders within the company, building data pipelines along the way. You’ll work closely with analysts and stakeholders to solve data problems and package existing data in a format that makes it easy to run the kinds of reports they’re seeking. Where existing data is incomplete, or we aren’t collecting the kinds of data we need, an ideal candidate will be able to get into the codebase and implement changes to correct data at the source or begin gathering it. Over time as our warehouse becomes more feature complete and internal stakeholder needs are satisfied, we anticipate the focus of this role shifting to improving analytics within the product itself for our sellers.

In this role you will…

  • Become a domain expert in Big Cartel’s production data collections
  • Build and manage an internal data warehouse for reporting
  • Explain and document data warehouse tables
  • Translate abstract stakeholder requests into actionable data delivered either realtime or on a schedule
  • Clean missing/unreliable data to minimize reporting gotchas
  • Implement platform features (with an emphasis on data/analytics) as a member of the broader engineering team

You will be a great fit for this role if…

  • You’re excited about Ruby/Rails
  • Are a whiz with SQL
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication
  • Are laser focused on providing solutions to business needs
  • Are comfortable building up a data warehouse and pipelines to populate it from scratch

Tools we use

  • Mage
  • DBT
  • Snowflake
  • Tableau
  • Amplitude
  • MySQL
  • Rails