Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

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Remote - US Full Time Senior
$153K - $166K Yearly

Published on May 30, 2024

Litmus helps email marketers work more efficiently, catch costly errors & accelerate campaign performance.

What would I do at Litmus? 

We're looking for a remote Senior Full Stack Software Engineer to help expand our product line, improve our existing products, and help build the next generation of Litmus tools. Continuing our mission to provide exceptional support to our growing customer base. 

On any given day, you might: 
  • Collaborate within our Rails team, and review code to help everyone on the team do their best work
  • Write and refactor code in our Rails app, as well as in our JavaScript code, our Ember app, our Sass stylesheets, and wrapping all that work up inside Git
  • Talk with our Design team to figure out the best way to present a new feature to our customers
  • Work with our Product team to understand product and marketing goals, and work out a good path to implementing them
  • Partner with our .NET team to integrate with our internal APIs
  • Work with customer support to investigate and fix bugs

What are we looking for in a candidate?
  • You have a well-founded understanding of Ruby and Ruby on Rails. We won't limit to ‘x’ years’ experience, but you should be able to impress us with your app building skills, confident use of Ruby and Rails, and understanding of web development. We're happy to introduce you to the other technologies we use.
  • You are experienced in your software engineering career. We're looking for someone to bring a fresh perspective to our team and potentially mentor some of our junior engineers.
  • You know how to build things from start to finish. You can identify a need, understand its impact, and seek out and work with others to deliver a well-crafted solution in a team environment—asking for help when needed.
  • You have good communication skills. As a distributed team, it’s important that we're able to understand each other, verbally and in writing, connecting at the appropriate level of abstraction. You communicate clearly and with empathy, whether you’re discussing refactoring options with a developer, or working with a designer to understand user experience.
  • You write clean, thoughtful code. Our code is the home that we live in every day. You enjoy putting effort into crafting understandable and well-tested code, to make everyone’s shared development experience more enjoyable.
  • You are eager to collaborate, learn and teach. Our Engineering team is friendly and supportive of each other, and we look for opportunities to learn from each other’s experience.