Junior Software Engineer

Remote - US Full Time Junior
$75K - $75K Yearly

Published on June 13, 2024

A mid sized company servicing millions of clients, employing hundreds, but being family owned and operated with no debt, investors, VC, or PE in the tech space is unique. We offer stability, flexibility, and an opportunity to make a high impact almost immediately. We don't sell data to third parties. We're extremely open source and privacy focused.

Two Barrels is hiring a Junior Software Engineer for $75,000/year. You will be a traditional company employee. This is a full time 40 hour/week position with company benefits in Spokane, Washington.
Two Barrels is always hiring great Software Engineers. We primarily code in Ruby, Javascript and use Rails and Vue. We classify this position as an entry level position within our Software Department.
Our Junior Software Developer job is a path towards becoming an integral part of our software team. This position is geared towards developers with limited experience or a recent college graduate. Through working with our team of developers, this position will put you on the path towards gaining more skills and experience to help you advance within our company.
Junior Software Engineer Jobs:
Our Junior Software Engineers spend their first year integrating and hopefully advance to becoming Software Engineers within our company. We offer a guaranteed 6 month assessment with an opportunity for a wage increase based on your proficiency in some key skills. We'll work with you and bring you along to become a vital part of our group. This is our entry level software developer position and a great way to get started with our company. We're looking for great people who want to do great work. We understand you might suck at writing resumes or pitching yourself, or most your code might be private. Try your best to explain to us what you can do so we can hopefully find you! If you're a good person, like learning and improving, and want to grow your skills, we want to find you.
How to Apply:
Please apply through the link below. It's a coding job, so showing us some code would be helpful. Preferably a flavor of Ruby or Javascript, but anything for now will do.
What's in a title?
Here at Two Barrels we don't take titles very seriously. We know for recruiting purposes we need to call our jobs something, so we started with labeling and differentiating them in a fairly traditional way with "junior, mid, senior". However, we've realized that was putting our employees in a box and wasn't allowing us to uniquely identify their individual contributions, strengths and professional goals. Once you join our team the titles kinda get dropped as we expect everyone to work with everyone regardless of title or experience. We have taken the approach of evaluating candidates and employees on a "level" basis. It makes it a little easier internally to talk about growing into the next level without there being this huge chasm between what it means to be a Junior Engineer vs. a Mid Engineer. Our levels have expectations set for each one and it's the responsibility of the manager and employee to make sure there is alignment. We do this through quarterly conversations where we discuss employee progression, if the work is challenging, and to ensure they feel fairly compensated for their work and expertise. Basically, levels gives us more flexibility to help people grow in their careers. But sure, you can post your title on LinkedIn as what makes sense to the rest of the world.
Spokane, WA
Full Time
$75,000 a year

  • Develop Software
  • Have a Growth Mindset, not a Fixed Mindset
  • Learn how to become proficient in Ruby, Rails, and Vue

Minimum Qualifications:

  • BS in Computer Science or at least 2 years of related experience
  • At least 1 year of relevant professional experience
  • Experience with current software development languages such as Ruby, Python, Java, or Rust, etc.
  • Experience with front-end web development languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Experience with current web application frameworks such as Django, Laravel, or Ruby on Rails (preferred but not required)
  • You're easy-going and willing to learn on the job while also getting stuff done
  • Able to work in an agile environment with a focus on continuous integration

Why you might like this job:

  • You just graduated college and you don't want to work for a massive corporation
  • You don't want to go work at a startup where you might lose your job any day
  • You've dabbled in Ruby and loved it
  • You want to work with people that truly dig making cool stuff
  • Quarterly alignments conversations to talk career path, job satisfaction and wage
  • Company Issued Equipment
  • #BI-Remote


  • Great Wage & Success Meetings with your manager
  • Work From Home comfort package & company provided equipment
  • 22 days paid time off annually, PLUS 4 paid holidays
  • 4% 401k employer matching through Fidelity
  • 100% employer-paid medical, dental and vision for employees
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave
  • Flexible hours
  • Coffee shop next door
  • Crappy parking? Oh, I mean a cool downtown location for easy public transportation options...