Ruby on Rails Developer

Published on June 18, 2024

Community Over Isolation
The Network Effect of Being In Person
Howdy is designed for companies who want to directly hire, manage, and retain their teams in LatAm - but need help with multi-national logistics, contracts, compliance, and culture.

Your LatAm employees need the same opportunities for collaboration and growth that your domestic workforce has. That's why providing in-person infrastructure is a key Howdy differentiator.

We're Not A Software Factory; In fact We're the Anti-Factory
Traditional software factories have reverse incentives and developers suffer the consequences: work extra for less rewards. We work in a better way. Our business model is aligned with you: as you get paid more, we get paid more.
We work only as core members of product teams in the US and you get more growth opportunities: our team mates lead teams at US partners, apply for management with partners, help pitch investors with partners and lead at Howdy itself. Also, no intermediaries between you and US partners: work directly with their engineering teams.
If you're tired of the traditional software model, and if you consider yourself the best among your peer, apply to join us!
Ruby on Rails Developer

Desired skills:

  • 7+ years of experience as a developer
  • 5+ years of Ruby on Rails experience
Plus experience:
  • Experience with React
  • Experience with .NET
  • Experience with Bootstrap
  • Experience with Tailwind
Who You Are:
  • You are a motivated and self-directed engineer who wants to deliver real business value
  • You help your team and peers align to the company vision and mission
  • You consistently leave code and projects better than you found them
Some benefits: 
  • Offices in some cities 
  • 100% remote work
  • Full-time schedule, flexible according to objectives
  • PTO & holidays
  • Medical insurance