Senior Full-stack Developer, Ruby

Machinio is a startup based in downtown Chicago, but supported by an international team. We are a search engine for industrial machinery and equipment. We seek inquisitive, self-motivated developers to join our team and work.

Help us solve problems in full-text search, domain specific search optimization, large scale email alert delivery and optimization, custom CRM solutions and everything that makes our customers happy.

Developers on our team have a history of maintaining and contributing to open-source projects. Machinio succeeded thanks to open source software, so we love people that contribute to open source.

Company highlights

  • Full-time, remote position with a flexible schedule. The communication in the company tends to be asynchronous with a minimum of bureaucracy: we care about the work you do, not about the hours you are online.
  • 1.5 million monthly unique visitors
  • 100 RPS and 3.5 million background jobs each day (AWS SQS, Sidekiq)
  • 2 offices: Chicago, US and Berlin, DE
  • TODO: write about the company/dev team culture. Mention several dev teams and who will the applicant work with
Tech stack

  • Ruby on Rails 6.1, Go, Python
  • Solr, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch
  • AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Prometheus
  • React, Webpack
  • Rspec, Rubocop
  • Github + Github Actions for CI/CD
  • Figma, Jira, Slack
Position summary

  • You’ll work on the core application and several supporting microservices (most of them are written in Ruby).
  • Implement features and take full responsibility for them. Own the whole process from start to finish:
    • Suggest ideas and corroborate them with data
    • Implement those ideas with the support of the team
    • Perform A/B testing when necessary
    • Write tests and proactively fix issues
  • You may not be a designer, but we expect you to have a genuine interest in UI/UX – Things like should delight you.
  • Help us improve the existing codebase. We strive to minimize technical debt, and have a proactive approach to tackling technical debt.
  • Be open to discuss ideas and their implementations during code reviews.
  • Keep learning. We provide a learning stipend to support your continued professional development.