Staff Engineer for Ecosystem team

Published on June 28, 2024

Productboard is a customer-centric product management platform that helps organizations get the right products to market, faster. More than 5,400 companies, including Microsoft, Zoom, 1-800-Contacts, and UiPath, use Productboard to understand what users need, prioritize what to build next, and rally everyone around their roadmap.

With offices in San Francisco, Vancouver, Dublin, Brno and Prague, Productboard is backed by leading investors like Tiger Global Management, Dragoneer Investment Group, Index Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Credo Ventures.

Join one of our product teams and develop features with real value for a one-of-a-kind product management system used by 4000+ global companies.
When we started in 2014, our focus was on product managers in smaller teams who lacked a great product management tool. Today, we are the leading product management platform. We now help much larger companies with thousands of employees, and we deal with quite different needs and personas.
We're facing a huge architectural shift in terms of how we scale our product. To meet the growing demands of the enterprise market, we’re in an ongoing redesign of our systems. The aim is to make both the user experience and underlying system work at large scale — considering performance, flexibility and seamless access management
About the Role:
The Ecosystem team at Productboard is responsible for building Public APIs and key integrations with 3rd party tools and systems, empowering our customers to make informed product decisions by connecting their critical applications to Productboard.
As an engineer in this team, your job is to build and improve our APIs and Integrations. This is crucial for keeping us competitive and making sure our products meet our customers' needs. You'll do more than just code; you'll need to understand how your work helps our customers and influences our product direction.
You'll work with different functions, like product managers and designers, to bring your technical skills and understanding of product development together. This role is about making a real difference in how we build products and coming up with practical solutions that matter to our users.
This role is based in our Prague office with an office-centric hybrid schedule.
What You'll Achieve:
  • Develop the Core Product: You'll have a significant hand in building and refining our user-facing product. Your work will directly impact our users as you ship your contributions to production regularly, ensuring the product's performance, scalability, and robustness. You’ll enjoy the freedom to direct your work and share ownership of the product.
  • Develop Across the Entire Tech Stack: Craft robust backend systems using technologies like Ruby and Kotlin, and create intuitive frontends with React and Typescript. Your work will bridge server and client sides, making our product more efficient and user-friendly.
  • Tackle Complex Challenges: Bring your creativity to resolve challenging technical issues and be involved in every phase of feature development – from concept to implementation and beyond.
  • Collaborate Cross-Functionally: Work alongside product managers, designers and other partners. Your collaborative efforts will be essential in delivering impactful results and engaging in the dynamic product development process.
  • Gain Customer Insight: Dive into customer experiences to gain valuable insights, driving user engagement and shaping new features. Your work will make our product more engaging and personalized, resonating with our users' needs.
  • Professional Growth: Experience personal and professional growth through diverse learning and developmental opportunities within the role.
Skills You'll Bring:
  • Proven Engineering Experience: You bring over 5 years of engineering experience, demonstrating a history of developing world-class product experiences within a team. Your track record shows significant contributions in engineering roles.
  • Pragmatic & Business-Oriented: Your focus is on balancing craft, speed, and business impact. You make informed decisions, choosing the right technology based on practical tradeoffs rather than chasing trends.
  • Strategic Problem-Solver: You excel at breaking down complex problems into manageable solutions, considering both technical and business implications. Your ability to iterate swiftly on new ideas and adjust your approach with emerging information stands out.
  • Familiar with Scaling Systems: You possess a thorough understanding of how different system components, from the user interface to the data model, work together. Your technical skills include working as part of a team to scale and optimize backend systems, adapting effectively to meet increasing user demands.
  • Flexible with Technology: Adaptable in learning and using different technologies, you are not bound by any single tool or language. You value practicality and efficiency in your technological choices.
  • Empathetic Communicator: You articulate complex technical ideas clearly, both in writing and verbally. In disagreements, you engage thoughtfully, respecting different viewpoints and finding compromise when necessary.
  • Team Player: Collaborative by nature, you work effectively with cross-functional teams. Your commitment goes beyond personal achievement, focusing also on the growth and learning of your teammates.
  • Focused on Delivery: You prioritize effectively, aligning your work with the team's objectives. You are skilled in managing time and resources, you meet deadlines and work within budgets, while adeptly adjusting to project changes as needed.
  • User-Centric: You prioritize users, understanding the impact of your work on their lives. This awareness drives your project choices, recognizing the responsibility that comes with your role.
  • Curious and Quick Learner: You are eager to take on new challenges, unphased by managing multiple projects. Your ability to rapidly learn and adapt is essential in our fast-paced environment.
  • Startup Mentality: Thriving in the dynamic setting of startup in a changing world, you are self-motivated and action-oriented. You balance short-term achievements with the long-term quality standards critical for our success.
Nice to Haves:
  • Technical Expertise: If you're highly skilled in any areas of our tech stack — React, Node.js, TypeScript, Ruby, Kotlin, Postgres, Redis, Elasticsearch, AWS — your expertise will be highly valued.
  • Diverse Interests: We appreciate candidates who have passions beyond technology, whether it's in the arts, history, social sciences, or any other field.
  • Infrastructure Skills: Experience or a keen interest in the infrastructure aspects of building top-notch software products can be a significant asset.
You can look forward to the following benefits: 
  • Stock options
  • MacBook + 34″ monitor
  • Budget for online courses, books, and conferences
  • 5 weeks of vacation + sick days
  • 1 Volunteer Day per year for you to help causes close to your heart
  • Carrot Fertility Benefits
  • Free snacks, drinks, and yummy catered lunches
  • MultiSport card to access sports facilities
  • Flexible working hours and home office
  • Parental benefits
  • Language lessons
  • Mental Wellness Program to support your well-being and self-care
About Productboard
Productboard exists to help the best product minds out there make products that matter, together. We believe we all deserve to live in a world filled with extraordinary products - products that exceed our expectations in both functionality and delight.
That is why we made our purpose-built and customer-centric product management platform that helps organizations get the right products to market, faster. More than 6,000 companies, including Microsoft, Zoom, Salesforce, and Cartier, use Productboard to understand what users need, prioritize what to build next, and rally everyone around their roadmap.
With offices in San Francisco, Prague, Vancouver, London, Dublin, and Brno, Productboard is backed by leading investors like Tiger Global Management, Dragoneer Investment Group, Index Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Credo Ventures.
We are very well funded and financially stable Series D company, with a validated product market fit and a massive future market opportunity.
  • Join at the golden startup age — established stability with large space for innovation and individual impact
  • You’ll enjoy an exciting team atmosphere, building a whole new category of software
  • You can help change the way that products are built all over the world
  • We iterate quickly and decisions are fast. You’ll have a voice in what we do and see the impact of your work
  • We are backed by top Silicon Valley investors, giving us access to capital, networks, mentors, and new markets
  • We are recognized as a leading tech startup in our category, named by Forbes magazine and Business Insider as one of the best startup employers to bet your career on, and are regularly recognized for our company culture
About our culture
Imagine working in a place where everything matters — most importantly, you. At Productboard, values aren’t just something we like to talk about, they’re something we live and breathe. We believe in creating a work environment where:
  • People feel empowered, supported, and included
  • Trust and transparency are built into the way we work
  • Creativity, curiosity, and continuous improvement are encouraged and nurtured every day
Forming our company values was a group effort, with every employee allowed to contribute. From profit-sharing initiatives, like stock options, to open communication, we don’t waste time on politics or ego. We champion openness by sharing our goals, success, and failures.
Join colleagues who love what they do and who are invested in their work environment and the future of the company. Help shape our company, culture, and product!
Equal Opportunity Employer Statement
We are an equal opportunity employer and champion equity. It is our aim to help people from all backgrounds, cultures, and groups realize their full potential at Productboard. We do not tolerate any discrimination or harassment based upon gender identity, race, color, religion, age, sexual orientation, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, national origin, veteran status, or any other bias covered by appropriate law. All aspects of employment, including hiring, training, promotion, and terminations, are based on merit, competence, performance, and business needs. We are committed to an inclusive hiring process and provide all candidates with equal opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. Togetherness is one of our core values, and our Diversity Council helps to ensure that we uphold the values of authenticity, humanity, and diversity to create an environment where every person matters. We are committed to leading by example to drive societal change.