Software Engineering Manager (Remote)

The Role:

At Intellum, Engineering Managers are responsible for ensuring their team is staffed, performing and delivering quality solutions, while supporting the wellbeing and ongoing professional development of their reports.

They manage groups of 6-8 engineers and can be part of one or more teams. They understand and represent the nature of their team's work, communicate the challenges and complexities to other stakeholders, help to ensure the teams are making good decisions about where to spend their time and effort, and work as needed with product managers to answer team questions and clear blockers.

They generally don't contribute to their team's goals by writing code or designing systems but are encouraged to find outlets where they can perform some coding and general hands-on engineering. They also contribute technically in other ways, like writing and commenting on pitches and proposals, helping to guide breakdown and estimation sessions, interviewing and onboarding new engineers, and managing incidents.

The role of the Engineering Manager is also a support role, with the goal to help their reports to excel in their job. They are the primary point of contact for them to come to with any difficulties that they are facing. They must understand how teams are performing and where improvements can be made.

What we offer:
  • Remote Working with a flexible schedule, supported by a strong culture of asynchronous communication.
  • A well-prepared, gentle onboarding experience, and time to learn and grow comfortable with our systems, processes, and people.
  • Working together with a team of smart, interesting people with the lightest, most supportive structure possible to be successful.
  • Varied, interesting technical challenges to tackle and large chunks of uninterrupted time to focus on getting things done.
  • An opportunity to play a significant role in our mission to improve the lives of others. Education is important and our contribution to the practice and technology is significant.

You’ll be a good fit if you:

  • Have a solid engineering background and have developed software professionally for several years.
  • You have experience leading distributed Engineering teams.
  • Have experience working on large-scale production applications. Big plus if you have experience using Rails and React.
  • Understand the importance of well-crafted, high-quality, self-documented, and easy-to-maintain code.
  • Possess strong communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively with other teams.
  • Are self-disciplined and have a great work ethic.
  • Are prone to geeking out about something you love (e.g. music, vampire books, surfing, Golden Girls season 2-5, or anything else you are obsessed with).

Compensation and benefits

  • A competitive compensation within the industry.
  • Unlimited PTO.
  • A budget of $3,500 per year for professional and personal development

About the process:

Our interviewing process should take about 2 weeks. During this time, usually we will hold three interviews of around one hour each. Our interviews are conversations held over video with future colleagues – no tests, no surprises!

We don't require you to perform any coding challenge and we won't ask any algorithmic or tricky questions. We do want to give you the chance to show us your technical and communication skills in a comfortable and positive environment. We believe the best way to achieve this is for you to prepare some examples of how you’ve been successful in leading engineering teams in your previous roles, and we can have some discussions around it.


  • Insurance
    • Medical - 100% of employee premiums covered for some employee only plans
    • Dental - 100% of employee premiums covered
    • Vision - 100% of employee premiums covered
    • 401(k) with matching (US Based Only)
  • Education (Available to all employees)
    • $3,500 per year in educational funds (“Boost Budget”)
  • Unlimited PTO