Senior Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails)

Published on February 01, 2023

Voodoo is a tech company that creates mobile games and apps. With 6 billion downloads and over 300 million monthly active users, Voodoo is the #2 mobile publisher worldwide in terms of downloads after Google. 

The company is one of the most impressive examples of hypergrowth in the ecosystem, having raised over $1B and backed by Goldman Sachs, Tencent, and GBL. 

Voodoo is now a team of over 700 employees worldwide, we’re looking for talented individuals from across the globe to come and entertain the world with us.

The full-remote option is accepted only if you reside in Europe where the company has a legal entity (Spain, Netherlands, Germany, UK, France, Poland, Romania, Portugal). 


The Engineering & Data team (E&D) is the central tech hub of Voodoo. The team aims to build the most innovative tech products to strengthen Voodoo’s leadership in mobile gaming while successfully accelerating product diversification such as non-gaming apps or blockchain gaming products. 

Part of E&D’s focus is to provide a state of the art growth-engine to distribute and scale our apps & games. By joining the team, you will take part in this journey of designing and building long-term projects which help our business teams in creating content to advertise our games to millions of future players!

Another example of our engineering projects includes our B2B platform used by hundreds of studios around the world to ideate and test their game prototypes, as well as an auto-bidding tool that predicts the full value users will generate using with state of the art ML algorithms.

Our best-in-class E&D team is 84+ people, including software engineers, cloud infrastructure engineers, data teams  UI/UX designers, product managers, and QA from 11 nationalities

Our team strives for innovation and excellence across the mobile industry.

 Key Figures

10+ products developed internally
1bn+ events collected on a daily basis
50% of Voodoo’s marketing spends directly optimized by our Automated bidding system
  • Purpose: Develop the key features of our web app (Ruby on Rails), Lend a hand on the data pre-processing, by gathering it via the AWS tools. Participate in the post-processing as well, by highlighting the relevant OKR to the Business Teams.
  • Ownership: Be the master of your work. Be as innovative, creative, and helpful as you want
  • Limitless: Face tomorrow’s challenge today by consistently delivering innovative solutions to our business teams
  • Paragon: Embody our culture of technical excellence: best practices, testing, design with scale in mind, and build the product everyone will desire
  • Solid experience building complex back-end applications using RoR
  • Strong communication skills, you can speak about technical features to a non-technical audience
  • Pragmatic & problem-solving approach

  • 3+ years of experience using Python or Ruby, and ready to use the other language.
  • Used to work with Data pipelines.
  • Whiling to handle some front-end.
  • Fluent in English, and French is a plus.
Our stack 
  • The main language is NodeJS, with REST or GraphQL endpoints, Lambdas, and Airflow jobs, Python for data pipelines and ML algorithms, and a RoR app
  • Architecture on AWS, with its services (EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, S3, Redshift, MediaConvert, EKS, etc)
  • DevOps/CI: CircleCI, Git (GitHub), Docker/Kubernetes, Terraform, ArgoCD, Prometheus and Grafana
Hiring Processs
  • 45 min call with our tech recruiter to better understand your career plan and answer any questions you may have
  • 45 min call with Karim Ammor (your future manager), to be aligned on expectations on both sides and to talk about how you would work together
  • Remote technical challenge based on a real-life use case
  • 1h call with the technical team to dig into your submission
  • 30 min call with 2 stakeholders to better understand the product you will work on, how you interact with non-technical people and how you approach the work from a product/process perspective
  • 30 min final call with Paul Todorov, our VP of Engineering & Product
  • Competitive salary upon experience (60-90k+)
  • Comprehensive relocation package (including visa support)
  • Swile lunch voucher (100% taken in charge by us)
  • Alan Premium healthcare coverage for your family
  • Child day care facilities (Les Petits Chaperons rouge)
  • Wellness activities in our Paris office (gym, yoga, boxing, etc.)
  • Global hackathonUnlimited vacation policy
  • Flexible remote days (hybrid to full remote)
  • Full stack desk and computer equipment upon your request