Systems Engineer

About the role

As an early team member and systems engineer, you’ll be driving decisions that impact our ability to scale and have the freedom to choose to work with the technologies you love. You’ll also weigh in on product strategy and help shape our company culture. You’ll be helping us reach millions of users and change the way the next generation discovers music.

Who are we looking for?

  • Deep empathy for users and understands needs to drive engineering in a way that best serves users and the business
  • Experience building out infrastructure at scale in a startup environment (using tools such as AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, etc.)
  • Will help us build systems towards a more data driven product
  • Fluent in a high-level programming language like Python or Ruby
  • Able to learn new things extremely quickly and effectively teach others what you’ve learned
  • Takes ownership and can work cross functionally with other engineers, product and design to drive product forward
  • Able to scope out and execute on projects with little direction needed
  • Have a bias for action and using your skills to make an impact
  • Have a passion for music

Our Stack

The API side of Discz is written in Python/Django and hosted on DigitalOcean with PostgreSQL as a data store. Auxiliary technologies include Redis, Celery, and GraphQL.

Experience with the above technologies would be nice, but is by no means required. We’re much more interested in your passion for music and our product, and the resulting intrinsic motivation to learn and build quickly. We’d also love your input on any new modern technologies you believe would help us build a better product!

Why you should join Discz Music

Discz is a music discovery and sharing app that’s changing the way people interact with music. Rolling Stone identified us as “one of the hottest music apps in the world,” and TechCrunch featured us as one of their favorite YC startups. Since launching in March, we’ve consistently ranked top 10 in the App Store music charts with over 300,000 monthly active users and 3 million song saves per week.

We built Discz in response to a frustration with industry gatekeepers and available algorithmic offerings like Spotify Radio, which make music discovery passive and boring. We’re democratizing music discovery and empowering fans, curators and artists to connect through songs.