Fullstack Software Engineer - Ruby on Rails / Javascript

Published on April 21, 2023

At Agile Six, we use modern technology and user-friendly, inclusive design to build better government services for everyone. Agile Six works with government agencies to create customized digital solutions that meet the needs of their users. The end goal? Digital products that are as powerful and easy to use as the apps on your phone. Changing government systems and processes can be tough. Agile Six can help. We’ll meet you where you are, then get you where you want to go.

Agile Six is a people-first, remote-work company that serves shoulder-to-shoulder with federal agencies to find innovative, human-centered solutions. We build better by putting people first. We are animated by our core values of Purpose, Wholeness, Trust, Self-Management and Inclusion. We deliver our solutions in autonomous teams of self-managed professionals (no managers here!) who genuinely care about each other and the work. We know that’s our company’s purpose – and that we can only achieve it by supporting a culture where talented people feel valued, self-managed, and love to come to work.
The role
Agile Six is looking for a Fullstack Software Engineer to join a new team partnering with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to build a new, integrated patient portal on VA.gov. The mission of this effort is to integrate VA’s digital patient experiences currently provided by My Healthevet (MHV) with VA’s other digital tools to give Veterans one place to manage their VA health care, community care, disability benefits, and other VA information.
The successful candidate will be contributing to the following GitHub repository, and potentially others within the VA ecosystem:
  • Contribute as part of a cross functional Agile team to build a large, scalable web application in an open source ecosystem
  • Write components and services using software development principles and best practices
  • Design and build software components with an eye towards modular, extensible, and scalable design
  • Provide guidance and informal leadership to other teammates through code reviews, pair coding, mentorship, etc.
  • Demonstrate strong communication and team collaboration skills
  • Write automated unit tests and integration tests, and assist in manual testing as needed
  • Contribute to software design through the development and communication of solutions, as well as build consensus through diagrams and other forms of presentation
  • Work with a Product Owner to ensure that work is accurately described and appropriately prioritized, including providing input into product roadmaps, product and sprint backlogs, and user stories
  • Support the practice of engineering within the larger company as needed through activities such as: 
    • Assisting in outreach, recruitment, and hiring efforts
    • Occasionally participating in or otherwise supporting business development efforts, including code or design challenges, writing or reviewing proposal responses, etc.
    • Participating in communities of practice
  • We expect the responsibilities of this position to shift and grow organically over time, in response to considerations such as the unique strengths and interests of the selected candidate and other team members and an evolving understanding of the delivery environment.
Basic qualifications
  • At least 5+ years of experience as a software engineer
  • 3+ years of production experience with Ruby and/or Ruby on Rails
  • 2+ years of production experience with JavaScript, React, and/or NodeJS
  • Understanding of common design patterns and software development principles, and how to apply these effectively in day-to-day software development
  • Experience working in different areas of the software stack and solving a variety of engineering problems throughout their career
  • Experience working on an Agile team and demonstrating an Agile mindset
  • Ability to work independently on high complexity tasks
  • Experience in an open-source, collaborative development environment
  • Has lived and worked in the United States for 3 of the last 5 years
Additional desired qualifications
  • Experience integrating, upgrading, and modernizing large, monolithic applications 
  • Experience with Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) interoperability standard for electronic exchange of healthcare information
  • Experience working with Cerner electronic health records (EHR) APIs and/or applications
  • Experience with polyglot programming, using multiple languages, leveraging strengths of each language
  • Experience with test driven development and unit testing
  • Experience with PostgresDB and Redis
  • Experience with continuous integration/deployment systems, Jenkins or Github Actions
  • Experience working with GitHub or other git repositories
  • Experience developing in the AWS cloud
  • Experience with container platforms such as Docker and Kubernetes
  • Experience with Terraform or other IaC platforms
  • Previously contributed to at least one open source project
  • Familiarity with the US Web Design System
  • Experience working in or with government agencies, especially the VA
  • You are a U.S. Veteran
Salary and Sixer Benefits
To promote equal pay for equal work, we publish salary ranges for each position.
The salary for this position is $131,941 - $138,708
Our benefits are designed to reinforce our core values of Wholeness, Self Management and Inclusion. The following benefits are available to all employees. We respect that only you know what balance means for your life and season. While we offer support from coaches, we expect you to own your wholeness, show up for work whole, and go home to your family the same. You will be seen, heard and valued. We expect you to offer the same for your colleagues, be kind (not bossy), be caring (not directive) and ready to participate in a state of flow. We mean it when we say “We build better by putting people first”.
All Sixers Enjoy:
  • Self-managed work/life balance and flexibility
  • Competitive and equitable salary (equal pay for equal work)
  • Tenure-based profit sharing
  • Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP) for all employees!
  • 401K matching
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Employer paid short and long term disability insurance
  • Employer paid life insurance
  • Self-managed and generous paid time off
  • Paid federal holidays and Election day off
  • Paid parental leave
  • Self-managed professional development spending
  • Self-managed wellness days
Hiring practices
Agile Six Applications, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, age, pregnancy, disability, work-related injury, covered veteran status, political ideology, marital status, or any other factor that the law protects from employment discrimination.
Note: We participate in E-Verify. Upon hire, we will provide the federal government with your Form I-9 information to confirm that you are authorized to work in the U.S. This role is required to work from the contiguous United States. Unfortunately, we are unable to sponsor visas at this time.
If you need assistance or reasonable accommodation in applying for any of these positions, please reach out to [email protected]. We want to ensure you have the ability to apply for any position at Agile Six.
Please read and respond to the application questions carefully. Interviews are conducted on a rolling basis until the position has been filled.