Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer (Data Quality)

Published on April 23, 2023

We are a fast growing SaaS Sales Intelligence scale up!

We are a remote-first, international SaaS company helping businesses maximise their revenue potential in Europe and the US with our Go-To-Market SaaS Platform. We are the successful merger of Leadfeeder and Echobot, bringing two industry leaders together.

What makes us unique? With origins in Finland and Germany, the country with the highest privacy standards in Europe, Dealfront was born with compliance and transparency in its DNA. This ensures that our users know exactly where their data originated. Compliance does not affect companies' earnings.

We have over 330 dealfronters around the world in 40 countries. Join us and help us continue our mission to be the leading Go-To-Market platform that helps B2B companies win deals in Europe.

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Position Overview

Backend Engineers in the data quality squad at Dealfront work developing and maintaining the components responsible for our state-of-the-art IP geolocation database. Also, the team develops and maintains data pipelines to process millions of data points that we are continuously updating, enabling many of the Dealfront products we offer to our customers.

Being part of the data quality squad at Dealfront involves working with a broad set of components and technologies. These include (but are not limited to): different database engines, both relational and non-relational; external and internal APIs; and also data pipelines built with serverless and streaming technologies.

Curiosity and passion to constantly learn new things is also a key part of this role. We are always looking to improve how we work and what tools we use. We dedicate time to research and test new technologies in order to improve our systems and make them work more efficiently and reliably.


  • Build and support internal applications mainly in Ruby, running in Kubernetes and communicating with gRPC and streaming technologies.
  • Work with serverless and streaming components supporting data pipelines such as AWS Kinesis and AWS Lambda.
  • Work optimising and storing effectively all the data we process, using various databases such as DynamoDB, Cassandra, AWS RDS & Aurora, Elasticsearch or Redis.
  • Provide code reviews to your peers


  • Experience with Ruby and willingness to learn our stack. We use Ruby as our main programming language in the backend, but we are not afraid to use other languages if they are the right tool for the job. We also make use of Python and Go, experience in any of these languages is a plus.
  • Interest in building scalable streaming systems using technologies such as AWS Kinesis and AWS Lambda.
  • Understanding how to model and build applications using microservices architecture patterns. If you have experience with Kubernetes and gRPC is even better.
  • Strong software architecture & data modelling skills to base engineering decisions on product vision.
  • Ability to help and improve the work of your colleagues through your teamwork and communication skills.
  • Experience managing, monitoring and troubleshooting production grade applications.
  • Experience in DevOps and Infrastructure is a plus, especially in AWS, Terraform, Docker or Kubernetes.
  • Be physically located within European timezones.


  • The chance to work with a very knowledgeable, high-achieving and fun team
  • An international, diverse, dynamic and committed work environment
  • The opportunity to work remotely, with a flexible work schedule
  • Mental Health support with Auntie
  • Annual company retreats in sunny locations and team off-sites - Last year we went to Croatia ;)

If this role excites you and sounds like a great fit, please apply below!