ROR Developer

Published on April 14, 2023

Founded in 2016, ItsaCheckmate is the industry leader in providing true end-to-end integration between restaurant point of sale (POS) systems and over 100 third-party delivery and ordering platforms. Our technology automatically accepts orders from these platforms, injects them directly into the restaurant’s existing POS, and sends them to the kitchen printers - without any manual involvement at all. We help restaurant operators grow their revenue without increasing costs. We are a leader in the restaurant-tech space and ItsaCheckmate serves 8,000+ restaurant locations globally and enjoys relationships with more than 150 technology partners.

Thank you for your interest in an open position at ItsaCheckmate, and for taking the time to read about our requirements. First and foremost, we want to mention that we are a truly remote company and have been this way since our formation in 2016. We did not go remote because of Covid, which greatly affected the culture. Setting up tools and systems is easy; what is difficult to set up is an inherent remote culture that we are very fortunate to possess. Everyone works remotely, which gives all the same opportunities. We have been called some amazing things by our clients, but the one that we truly took to heart is "we are solution providers.” We listen to our customer’s problems and provide solutions that work for them because we truly listen and care. At our core, we are a customer service-based company. Everyone says that, but we put our money where our mouth is. We have no long-term contracts or upfront deposit fees. We charge our clients on a month-to-month basis, so the clients can leave at any time. We must win them over each month, so customer service and experience is truly important to us. No matter which department you are with, you will affect the customer service experience, and if everyone does their best, the eventual outcome will be great. If that is the kind of company and culture you want to work for, we are looking for you! 
This role is 100% remote, full-time.
We are looking for an experienced Ruby on Rails backend developer to help with the continued code development of our application. Please read the below points very clearly and answer in detail in the response. Only candidates who have addressed all the below points will be considered:
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 2 - 4 of hands-on experience on Ruby on Rails
  • We are looking for long-term engagement. This is very important. We are not looking for short-term projects. This is a growing company; we want to grow our engineering team.
  • The employee must be available in the US (ET) time zone. Since we hire from across the world, it is important for our employees to coordinate and be present in real-time.
  • Advantageous: worked on React JS projects