Lead Full Stack Rails Developer

About Us

Bellawatt builds nimble and user-friendly software products for some of the leading energy companies including PG&E, Sunrun, and the DOE. The energy industry is undergoing massive changes and our clients are increasingly using modern software to help solve their biggest challenges and unlock new opportunities.

We typically build web-based applications such as ev.pge.com, and on occasion take on other types of energy software projects we find interesting and/or challenging. A recent example is building IOT backend infrastructure for V2G.

We believe in creating impact quickly: we call this making nimble software. We have been a remote company from well before the pandemic, and believe that high quality software requires designated time for deep work. As a result we lean heavily on written communication and try our best to limit senseless meetings. When we do collaborate, we prefer to pair to tackle the trickier problems of our industry. You can read more about our philosophies at bellawatt.com/work.

We choose tools that empower even single developers to make a big impact. We prefer to participate in vibrant ecosystems that will be around for many years, such as Ruby on Rails and React (our default stack). At the same time, we occasionally leverage Python and have also dabbled in Node.js and TypeScript. We encourage playing around with just about anything that you find interesting, though we are cautious about what we use in production.

Why you might want to work with us:

  • Be heard. For this position, we're looking for someone to help set the direction of the engineering team.
  • Contribute to a crucial space. We literally help keep the lights on (and make them cheaper/greener). Most of our work is at the forefront of the clean energy transition.
  • Give back via open source software. We recognize how much we've benefitted from OSS ecosystems and have a number of packages and libraries we've published and use ourselves.
  • Work with a veteran team. We hire slowly - even to the detriment of our bottom line - and skew senior/experienced.
  • Get your time back. We're careful about protecting your personal time and energy. One recent example is we now force staff to take a day off soon after any big launch. The rest of our benefits are standard - health, flexible PTO, equipment as necessary, and a 401k program.

About You

You want to help build the best engineering team working in the energy industry. You enjoy thinking about how to apply various forms of leverage - whether cultural, technical, or financial - to empower the team and work alongside them. The direct result of your work will help launch products and establish internal best-practices, while helping the energy industry transform into a clean energy future.

Specifically, we're looking for:

  • Experience leading internal initiatives to make an engineering team better. This could mean dev tooling, creating libraries for shared functionality, defining and implementing best practices in code, providing mentorship, or any other experience which has created leverage for an engineering team.
  • Demonstrated expertise in Ruby on Rails. Specifically, multiple years of experience in a senior role leading development on production apps.
  • Production experience with rich JavaScript UIs. React is our default choice, but not explicitly required.
  • Ability to manage your own time and unblock yourself and your team. We plan in “sprint like” increments, but our project management processes are lightweight by design. As a result, we look for staff that are highly self-sufficient.
  • Bonus: Production experience with at least one other backend language. Our clients sometimes have their own technical constraints which we must fit into.
  • Bonus: A bias towards execution, closeout and/or ongoing operations.


We are excited to have a new team member, not a new employee. We won’t waste your time - our interview process is straightforward:

  1. Email us at [email protected] or fill out the form on this page, and please include your resume and/or link to your LinkedIn profile.
  2. An Informal Interview (30 min) where we get to know each other and discuss expectations. If there's mutual interest, we’ll ask you for a recent writing sample (something you've written previously about a complicated technical topic, a sample PR, or a short Q&A we'll share with you).
  3. A Technical Interview (90 min) where we code together in VSCode's LiveShare. The structure is designed to be collaborative, and we will look at problems similar to things we actually work on – no bubble sorts or leetcode style trick questions.
  4. A Case Study (90 min) that seeks to simulate what it would be like for us to actually work together on a project, including having a Product team member in the conversation.
  5. We’ll send you an offer within a week.
That's it! We don't like drawn-out interview processes any more than you do. Looking forward to connecting!