Senior Backend Engineer

Published on February 01, 2023

🌟 Senior Backend Engineer @ Tribute Brand

- Ruby on Rails / GraphQL / Ethereum stack
- Remote or hybrid work (offices in Paris and Zagreb)
- Full time or part time

We are searching for a backend engineer with professional experience using Ruby on Rails, GraphQL, and working in git-based collaboration. Ideally, candidates are also interested in and have basic conceptual understanding of smart contracts and blockchain technology.

It is far more important to us that you care about having a maintainable codebase than it is that you have specialized knowledge in any framework— we believe collaborative effort is essential for quality software, which is itself essential to the long-term success of both application and developer.

If you are interested in improving your own skill as well as the tech stack you work on, if you feel motivated to work with a small, creative, and focused team, and if you believe the above goals align with your own, then we hope you won’t hesitate to apply for this position today.