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Operating as a leading force at the intersection of fashion and technology, Tribute Brand revolutionized the digital fashion industry and brought it to the mainstream.

Our core values of creativity, innovation, and technology drive us to constantly push the boundaries of self-expression and ownership. With strong background in both traditional fashion and art, coding, gaming, 3D, UX/UI design, and blockchain technologies, we are able to handle every aspect of the tech and creative processes in-house.

Our community of forward-thinking individuals sees fashion as a powerful tool for self-expression in both physical and virtual spaces. This had led to collaborations with luxury fashion brands such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Carolina Herrera(, selling out our previous drops, and being included in the 2022 Dazed 100 - Generation 3.0( list by Dazed magazine.

In June, we secured $4.5 million in seed funding round led by Collab+Currency and backed by other notable investors.

In December 2022, we launched next-gen infrastructure for digital fashion, including an [immersive web space]( and an [AR app](, followed by our highly-anticipated interoperable collection named PUNK.

If you want to know more - check our Instagram ( / Twitter( page, a Vogue( article about our latest move, or download and try this AR App( we recently launched.

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  • Senior Backend Engineer

    Tribute Brand

    US, UK, EU, Europe


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