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BackerKit enables thousands of creators worldwide to focus on doing what they love. For over a decade, our software has been the premier platform for crowdfunding backer management. And last year, we launched our own crowdfunding platform, making us for the first time a true one-stop shop! All of our offerings have a single goal: to empower crowdfunding creators to manage their creative endeavors with confidence. We’re a profitable, self-funded start-up of around 50 people with a diverse, close-knit team that prizes creativity, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn. We have a small-yet-effective US-distributed engineering team. We are looking for a Staff level software developer (an individual contributor) to take us to the next level. Perhaps that is you! Our tech stack BackerKit is a Ruby on Rails “majestic monolith” deployed on Heroku. The codebase has been around since 2012, so it has seen some things. Despite that, it is generally well-factored and well-tested - we’ve been

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