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Housable is an early-stage, software startup founded to make housing attainable for everyone. We are based in San Francisco, seeking our first Lead Full-Stack Developer. This is a hands-on role that requires a strong individual contributor who also has the skills and experience to help us build-out our development team as the company grows.

Residential construction in the US is a massive $800B annual market, but has seen very little innovation over the last century. Housable is focused on building automation systems for the entire housing development process, starting with the design, permitting and contractor bidding process. Our ultimate goal is to bring the entire home design, permitting and construction process online.

Housable has built the go-to online platform for homeowners to design, permit and build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) across California - think garage conversions, basement apartments, and backyard homes. This development role will help to build-out our platform for the ADU housing vertical, which we intend to apply to other housing verticals (multi-family, single-family, remodels) and to expand our market beyond California to a national scale.

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