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Running a restaurant is a balancing act - it’s a barrage of challenges from all directions and knowing how to maximize resources is the key to bringing it all together to make it a successful business. To make it work, it has to be clear where to focus. is a sophisticated digital tool that interprets contextual data to accurately predict how busy a restaurant will be — today, next week, or in three weeks. In partnership with best-in-class restaurants, and leveraging advanced machine learning models, the team at has developed a solution by rooting our innovation efforts in our purpose – to help our customers mitigate risk and uncertainty. By considering multiple key factors that affect demand, increases confidence and consistency in a manager’s decisions.

Our easy-to-use software shows executives and managers exactly what they need to make better, faster decisions toward increasing efficiency and improving profitability. We’ve built a custom prediction engine tailored to each store’s specific geography, weather, and local events. is up and running in multiple pilot locations, enabling continued iteration of the key features and refinement of the predictive model.

We are an equal opportunity employer/minority/female/disability/protected veteran.

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