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Our vision is what inspires us
Our vision is to make everyday payments simple, while bringing financial independence to every human being.

Our mission is what drives us
Our mission is to empower people to effortlessly manage, spend, save and grow their money through simpler, faster and friendlier finance.

How we describe the need for Mamo
The fundamental challenge common to all financial services is one of trust and speed: the ability to send and receive money through a fast, secure, human-centered platform for everyday personal and business transactions.

Mamo offers a new choice: With trust, traceability, and transparency at the heart of its experience, Mamo aims to accelerate the MENA region towards a cashless economy providing an experience that empowers people to effortlessly access their money through simpler, faster, friendlier finance.

With Mamo, we make everyday payments, transfers, and transactions a breeze while bringing financial independence and control to individuals and businesses alike.

Mamo usage
Use “Mamo” as verb, e.g. “Mamo me!” or an adjective followed by a description of our services e.g. “Mamo is a awesome way to send and receive money, have you tried the Mamo Pay app?”. “Mamo” should not be used as a noun, plural or possessive.

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