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About the Team/Role: The Dev Tooling team is an internal-facing team dedicated to enabling the entire engineering organization to do better work. This wide and intentionally-vague charter encompasses a slew of evolving topics. If there’s a common thread between multiple projects, whether discovered in the present or envisaged for the future, we try to get out ahead and build the systems, tooling, and training needed for that work to be successful. We’re also spearheading a long-term project of open-sourcing our entire service platform -- from kubernetes cluster-building to template-based service development to the development environment/tooling to test it, it’s all going to be one big startup-in-a-box system for the world to use. Outreach’s primary product is based on a monolithic Ruby on Rails codebase, “the flagship”, heavily leveraging ActiveRecord and other common Ruby/Rails technologies. Over the past year, we have set a new North Star of all new service code being in Golang,

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