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At Segmed, we’re committed to revolutionizing healthcare research without personal information and improving global healthcare by enabling secure and easy data access. We see a future where medical AI helps people get a better standard of care no matter where they are in the world, and we hope you do, too!
Our Core Values
As a company, we hold ourselves to a high standard placing value in transparency, social good, learning mentality, and integrity. These four elements guide every decision, conversation, partnership, and solution at Segmed. See below for more on what each value means to us…
1. Transparency: We tell it like it is, good or bad2. Social Good: People first3. Learning Mentality: We acknowledge what we don’t know and find out4. Integrity: Do the right thing even if no one’s watching
Team Culture + Work Life Balance
A strong team culture is at the core of every successful company. Our goal is to build an inspiring team with curious, innovative and diverse members who find purpose in their everyday work. As a remote team, we believe in empowering members to prioritize and execute tasks in a timely manner, while also making space for being happy and fulfilled outside of work. This balance is important, enabling us to become our best selves.
Some of the things Segmed team members enjoy doing outside of work are rock climbing, hiking, playing music, walking the dogs, and cooking. Ask team members about their pre-covid vacations to Thailand, China, Poland, and the Netherlands!
Cultivating an Inclusive Environment
Segmed is committed to cultivating an inclusive, diverse team. We embrace individuals of all backgrounds and strive to create an environment where there is an equal opportunity for everyone to succeed. Our goal is for everyone on the team to feel safe and supported showing up to work authentically. We’re stronger, together.

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