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Ambiki is brought to you by Ambitious Idea Labs, a team of clinicians and developers who examine the external barriers preventing therapists from delivering the exceptional therapy they want to provide. Our tools help feeding, occupational, physical, and speech therapists:

Reduce paperwork and planning time
Spend more time on patients
Our small team is ambitious. We know a therapist needs to have better, integrated tools to efficiently handle all aspects of therapy. The Ambiki team is building a comprehensive foundation to act as a thoughtful guide helping therapists see the bigger picture.

The name Ambiki (æm-bI-ki) comes from the English word ambitious and the Japanese word kiroku. Kiroku is the word for record or memory (the ki is pronounced key). Ambiki is more than a tool; Ambiki is a way of doing things. Our goal is to help therapists gain deeper insight into the all of the activities related to a therapy session. We've started with therapy tools, teletherapy, and tools to allow therapists to show off their expertise. Additionally, we are creating comprehensive tools to handle every aspect of therapy from onboarding a patient, scheduling, billing, and much, much more.

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  • Full-Stack Developer (Remote)




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