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How you’ll make a huge impact here – and on your career: This role is all about getting hands-on in designing & coding scalable and highly performant software with a smart, collaborative team. Reporting to our VP of Architecture, you will develop our unified/enterprise product architecture and key performance & scalability roadmap enhancements. You’ll also play a part in pairing, coaching, and mentoring fellow VEEPs (Versapay’s Empowered and Enabled People). We’re interested to hear from individuals who are excited by: our stack, 12 Factor Apps, retrieval augmented generation vs fine-tuning, ORM vs an RDBMS optimizer, data modeling 3NF, SQL vs NoSQL, OLTP vs OLAP, caching (invalidation), partitioning, large data sets, primary writes & distributed reads, event streaming, asynchronous queueing & messaging, horizontal scalability, high performance batch vs near real-time API, ETL integration, SSO & federated identity, CI/CD, TDD, to AI or to ML…and t

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